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Spencer & Fancy long haired German Shepherds
Page 2 - Most Recent Past Puppy Pics
Some of Our FUTURE Breeding Girls & Boys in Our Foster Program
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Phone calls ONLY at this time. Thank You! 
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& 2 Standard Coats
Sweet Gentle Sammy - Sire
Gentle Dallas -a Son
My precious Daisy - Dam
Please READ if inquiring about getting a Pup from us.
Puppies from Past Litters 
Notes from Puppy Owners 
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You won't > want to miss ALL these GORGEOUS puppies from 'past' litters!
special Pet loss poem
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My  Boys
My Girls
silver sable
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Sandy Ayer, Certified Dog Trainer
The e-mails for new clients
I hope you enjoy all the pictures and 
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Please READ if getting a Pup from us.
Please READ if getting a Pup from us - 
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Dog Whisperer, Cesar Millan, says: Exercise, Training... then Affection"! Helps establish pack leader.                                    
...As will as following thru with your contract agreement to take your new Puppy to Puppy classes and at least one basic training 'collar corrections' and praise class (unless you already have positive GSD experience!)  :-)   Please read -STARTING YOUR GERMAN SHEPHERD PUPPY OUT RIGHT FROM the BEGINNING & Training Links (Important Socializing Info) & EARS pages, below buttons, if you are getting a pup from me! Thank u!  
Pups on pages 1- 6 are all in their new homes now but are great examples of what our pups look like from most of our girls.                                                                                                                                                                                                      
'Forever Yours' FOSTER Breeding PROGRAM INFO:  1 adult Male & 1 Female.  Taking Applications from special familes.
My Dogs 'Info' Note
Graduate of National K-9 School for Dog Trainers, Columbus, OH.
Zoe, Sissy, Summer, Soki
Soki, Stormy
Soki, Storm, Summer, Gretchen
Zoe, Zora
Examples of a 'SADDLE BACK' - Daisy, Dallas, Mikki, Little, Zoe. 
Bi-color Manny.  Examples of Sables Sable coloring sables 2
Looking at the dog from the side it looks like the black is where a horse saddle would go. The saddle would usually be called the 'traditional' markings. With 'traditional' coloring usually being referred to as black & tan
Looking at the dog from the side it looks like the black is where it would be if one threw a black blanket over the dogs back- covers a larger area than the saddle.
Examples of a 'BLANKET BACK' - Samson, Bear, Sissy. 
blk/tn blk/rd 
blk/tn blk/rd
blk/tn blk/gld
blk/ red
I can not tell when the pups are young 'who' they will look like when they are older or how large they will be-tho most are relatively close in size. I can tell you which will be blankets and which will be saddles. Best for people to pick moms and dads where they like the majority of the dogs in 'growing up' pictures. The puppies usually do not look exactly like the moms or dads but sometimes they DO look like one or the other parent, or a combination of both or past relatives.  
'Temperaments can change too-  A more submissive pup can become dominant due to lack of proper leadership, a domiant pup will stay dominant though. Sandy'  
So remember to "Be Your Dogs Pack Leader!" says Ceasar Millan
Most of my dogs pages have pictures of them as youngsters too so you can notice how their color keeps changing, and structure, till they are about 3 years old. My dogs are not full grown until they are 3 1/2 years old. A good example would be looking at Eli, Sissy or Samson's page.
This is Nadia a puppy from my Miss Pippi breeding. 
Pics given to me by Nadias owner in Iowa. 

Salt and peppering - lighter colored hairs on the withers and back.
Where the Big Dogs run!
Current Puppy Owners - Please check 'Notices Page occasionally
I do not register my puppies with the UKC as the UKC will register a puppy from the AKC that was sold to a person with a (limited)  not for breeding registration! - (then click on 'Application for a Single Registration'  and (#3),  with breeders only recourse to refer to court of law with the individiual. 

This is why I have clearly written in my guarantee/contract that my puppies are NOT being sold for breeding and the penalties for violating those terms.

I do not see any way that the UKC provides support to breeders  to help breeders protect their pups- from going to irresponsible breeders, brokers, commercial kennels, not providing support for responsible breeders concerns about pet overpopulation and the integrity of their lines - if that is the breeders choice. Are they not concerned about these things too? The AKC does offer this option and support to the breeder with the limited registrations and breeders who wish back it up in their contracts as well. 

Registry's obviously make their money by registering dogs, puppies and litters. 

I think anyone charging any money from dogs, whether making any profit or not, should have the dogs'  welfare as a first priority. 
Why I do not register my puppies with the UKC 
Some of the reasons I do not sell my dogs with full registrations.
My puppies/dogs have 'Soft Expressions
Most girl & boys on left have been retired to homes w/ my puppy owners. 2 here. They are grand and great grandmoms to my current girls. which I will have on the new smaller website soon or can email to you.
Fancy, Gretchen, Zora, Maya, Zoe, Lilly Bug
     my new smaller site
About Me
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**FOR SALE: DOWNSIZING. Due to family health issues looking for loving home for 1 Young ADULT  Male & 1 Female. 3 & 5 years old. Serious PHONE inquiries only please. Call for info & will email more pics. No Shipping. Located in  WV. 304-384-8884. PICs HERE.   Need to only keep a few pupper dogs here.  :-((

**Due to thousands! of new inquiries a year for only 1-2 litter of puppies a year, I can now only respond by PHONE to people looking for Young Female, Currently Available Adults, Breed Program and of course Past and Current Puppy Owners. I will announce here when I do have a Breeding and will take calls at that time. I have always tried to return every single call I get and didnt want to just seem like ignoring calls w/o posting this. Thank you for understanding. 
Also AVAILABLE Female 1.4 year old black/tan & Male (red sable) 1.8 year old that I was going to keep but now need to let go as well.
EMAIL: oceandreams521@gmail.com
How to DIY Getting German Shepherds ears to stand up.
Puppy Training: Starting your German Shepherd out right from the beginning: Stopping mouthing, etc.
UPDATE:No Longer have this requirement due to New Information about dogs may live 2- 3 years longer if not spayed/neutered. Study by UC Davis Ca. and U of Ga .Link soon.