Dallas and Mikki
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On occasion may take us a day or 2 to return email or phone calls.
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A few pictures of Daisy/Sammy pups at 2 weeks old. 

 Please refer to OTHER INFO  page for more info if you are getting a puppy from us. 
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No Breeders Please! 
Super sweet and gentle, giant 130 pound Sammy
We usually take a group shot with mom when puppies are about 1-2 weeks old and individual pics starting at 'about':   3 1/2 weeks old, 5 weeks old, 6 1/2 weeks old and then at 8 weeks old. 
Precious Daisy
  Zoe's mom and dad. 
 More Precious than Gold!
Longcoat German Shepherd puppy's for sale by Dog Breeder            Specializing in long coat German Shepherd Dogs
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This boy is VERY loving and sweet. He is a very large boy! He is 46 pounds at 14 weeks old!(3 1/2 months) 
Zoe Puppies
12 weeks old.
Gretchen/ Dally boy is sold.
 Soki/Dally Puppies on 'NEXT' page
Zoe's parents live here also!- 
Precious Daisy and Super Samson-below. 
Grandma Pippi too. 
NEW 7 week pics are at very bottom of page- below the bottom buttons. 
 Blue Boy
For New Inquiries- The next few months we will ONLY be able to answer phone calls. Thank You!  304-384-8884
Due to the overwhelming popularity! :-)  of our site and ever increasing inquiries, 
we will be unable to respond to new inquiry email messages  for a few months, 
we WILL however return all calls that we receive within 48hrs - usually same day. 
Some sites have only phone #'s  as a contact and we may, at some point, switch to that. 
This may sound a bit a bit backwards to some but Our Dogs are OUR PRIORITY! 
Our Priorities Are: OUR DOGS, Our Clients who already own Our Puppies, Clients with Deposits, People Inquiring.  We DO try our best to keep up with all though.
If you do purchase a Puppy from us in the future, I'm sure you'll appreciate us having our priorities in order. We are most concerned with the well being of our dogs, not  the 'sales' from them. We greatly appreciate  your understanding. 
3 weeks old.
2 weeks old.
A light and a dark puppy from Summer/Mikki.  2 weeks old. 
Grandparents to pups from Stormy- Soki and Samson.
Grandparents to pups from Mikki are Pippi and Toby.
 3/4 of our Girls have BOTH parents living at our home and with
over 1/2 of our Boys BOTH parents live at out home as well
which means that with the majority of our litters we will have 
BOTH  grandparents here from Moms AND from Dads side for 
you to meet, see, feel, pet, hug, and play with - 6 immediate relatives!!! 
Red Boy
 Yellow and green girl.
Light pink girl.
When we put the new pics up-they may be at the VERY bottom of this page- BELOW  ALL pics and Home(etc.)buttons.
Peach and Pink
Green and Coral
Current litter  is at the TOP  of this page-  
Last litter from Zoe (below) are sold now. 
Just leaving their pics up for a bit longer coz they are soooo cute! and dont want to not see them anymore! :- ) 
 Puppies for Sale
happy healthy german shepherd puppies
Summer/Mikki puppies 7 weeks old. 
 Light pink girl
Light pink girl
 Blue girl
 Yellow girl 
 Coral girl
 Peach girl
 Pink girl
 Light green girl
 Zoes Puppies below.
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 Deleting pictures below this week end.
Pups pictures will be posted when pups are 6 weeks old. 
Our longcoat Giant German Shepherds and Oversized German Shepherd Puppies for sale.
Stormy's Puppies pictures will be on this page when they arrive (She is due mid June). 
This is a repeat breeding of Stormy- (more pics)- and Mikki 
who produced spectcular huge large boned German Shepherds; 
Kizer (black/tan) and also Blizzard and 
Ivory- (white long coat German Shepherds). 

Our Puppies/Dogs have 'Soft Expressions'
            SUMMER'S pups (below)
     are all placed in their new homes. 
All 4 grand parents live at our home too!!!