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This page was last updated on: July 8, 2022
VERY MUCH THANKS  to ALL of our Puppy Owners for providing such loving homes for our puppies!
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Cloe. Zoe/Mikki girl. 3 months. IL.
Maggie. Zoe/Bear. 2 1/2 months. Lives in CA. w/Daisy-a puppy fromGretch/Sammy)
Spirit. 4 months.ME.
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"We want to thank you for showing us all your dogs and for spending the time you did with us. Deb"
Cloe at 5 months- THE SPITTING IMAGE of her MOMMA ZOE! Even her light eyes! 
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Cloe 6 months.

Jerzie. Zoe/Mikki girl. 6 months. Canada.
Kuma. Zoe/Bear puppy. 2 months. NJ. 
'...wanted you to know that he is great,and wanted to thank you for the amount of care you gave to all the dogs it shows in the disposition of Kuma. Chris' 
 Stormy. Zoe/Bear at 7 months. IL.
Stormy at 9 months. Looks just like Auntie Sissy!
 Zoe and Sissy are Daisy/Sammy daughters.
Spirit at 8 months. Zoe/Bear. 
 Jerz at 10 months old.
 Kuma 10 months.
 Jerz at almost 2 years old.
Zoe/Mikki Dozer at 1 year old. Looking just like Momma too! MD.
'She is doing great. Bigger than ever! She gets many compliments from dog people on her big head...She loves when people pet her and give her attention. I now know what they mean by the toy drive.  She forgets everything around her when I pull out her special toy (it's in the picture with her in the yard). We haven't tried it yet, but I'm almost certain she'll find that thing wherever I might hide it in the house. We couldn't find it the other day and she ran around the house in a panic looking for it. It had gotten shoved under the couch and she found it there. She pulled it out with her paw and went running for the door to go play outside.Talk to you soon, Jory, Lisa, and crew.'
Stormy 3 1/2 months. 
Sissy/Mikki L2: Sissy's pups: Need: Timber FL (lost pic), Kiah VA(lost pic), Reagan TN, Sophie VA. Pics below. Will be getting a better spot for their pics before too long too.
Navar. KY.
Zoe/Bear-L2: Need: Kanawah VT, Isis SC, Cinder MA, Sofi & Bravo VA, Zeus WI, Kona girl, MA. Will be getting a better spot for their pics before too long. 
Paladin 5 months
Angel 4.5 months. CA
Zena. Keeping from picking up parvo! :-) Neat idea Dana! And what a GOOD girl to stay in stroller!! CA
Pal 6 months.GA.
Leo AZ.
Sophie Zoe/Bear and Buddy(Dais/Sam) MA

Leo on left. 5 months. AZ.  
Zena 9 months old. 
Hi Sandy, She is a very beautiful girl :-) I love her light eyes and I wish you could tell from the pictures!  It seems that every picture I take you can't tell how light they really are.  I was hoping that she would have those light eyes like your other dogs do because I think they are just gorgeous and I got lucky because she does!! 
'Isn't she so sweet! She is 6 months in those pictures and 65 pounds.She's a Daddy's girl.She is so intelligent,we give her these big milkbones and she hides them around the house, every once in a while she'll get one out and eat it.She can open and close the doors in our house from either side.She is a pistol. When she is ready for us to get up in the mornings she pulls all the blankets off of us.She will bring us her leash if she wants to go out or go bye bye. We just love her so much!
Thank you! Jerry and Debbie'

Lilly 6 months old. OH. 
Sis/Mik L2
Zoe/Bear  L2
Buddy 2 1/2, Dais/Sam &  Sophie 6 months Zoe/Bear. 
Monte at 7 months Canada above- lives  with his sister Kallie, below
 Jerzie 5 months.
NEW 1/06
Qui at 8 months Zoe/Bear. FL.
Zoe/Bear Pups L3
Now looking like Great Auntie Summer!!!
Nike's pic is here! Zoe/Bear puppy. 
At 2 1/2.
Chris, PLEASE call me again-I lost your new phone #'s! Sandy