Old Fashioned German Shepherds
             Straight Level Backs
Ayer's Long Coat German Shepherds
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Available: Longcoat Puppies, Youngest Pups near bottom 
1 adult female longcoat, 2 years old.

Angel/Thunder pups
Moxie/Gunnar girl.
Rosa/Eli pup
These 2 boys are especially laid back they were my 2 'pick puppies' from the litter 
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The only pic I have right now (above) of Miss Rosa when she was just about 1 1/2 and had just blown her coat. She is a long coat!  Miss Zora, 110 lbs now (Zora from summer/dallas) is her mom. Mikki (pippi/toby) her dad.
Zoe is Lolas mom, from Daisy/Sammy & Thunder.
Gunnar is superduper calm! 30' tall 115 lbs.
Moxie nursing pups
Rosy/Pinky has the light amber eyes..
 4 month old Blackie, not brushed - beautiful waves on back. 
My new boy Hero at 1 year 8 months, 110 lbs. 29 1/2' tall 
 Baby Maggie (was magenta)
Can only respond to phone calls now as email not working to send out replies.
Can respond to phone calls only right now
Bloo - sold
(click above to see parents)
Ike at 10 months old blowing his long coat now. He will grow into his ears but prob not till closer to 2-3 years old.
Wish these boys could go together- they love to sleep together, on each other!  SOLD. Went together to new home.
I was going to keep Ike or Charlie but couldnt decide between the 2 since when they were younger they looked bout like twins and they both acted so similar- sooo gentle but very playful as well but now I have decided to not keep either as I am trying to have less boys here. 
Some new pics already on new web site.
11 months old
Moxie and Gunnar are puppies that belonged to me from my gretchen/my dallas.
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(was Olivia collar but out grew it to now blue collar)
Blossom at 4 1/2 above.
Notice the unusual black tips on the hairs on Blossies chest! (above)
from Zoe/Bear
Thunder dark sable & VERY gentle!
29 1/2 tall.105 lbs.
Beautiful Angel. 95 lbs. Angel is from Zoe/Bear and Zoe from Miss Daisy/Samson
Brand newn pic of Miss Rosy at 10 months. From Rosa/Eli.  Sold
orange boy.
Big 'Red' Boy
 Some of the sables will probably 'saddle up' but can not tell at this age who may.
Thunder is from Stormy/Bear
Gretchen is an example of a silver sable color. Also Ocean is a golden sable but looks as if she is a black and tan. (need to use your back button to get back to this page from Ocean on my new site)
Thunder is Found!!! UPDATES AND NEW.  http://findthunder.blogspot.com/
Precious Tundie and precious Meggie.
Moxie Girls brother(above) from Moxie/Gunner at only 8 months old. 
                               Now  120 lbs. 30" tall at 2 years old. PA.                                             
Miss Moxie Girl
Blackie Girl's brothers
Some of the families that have more than 1 puppy from us!

Laura Thacher - Breeder Genesis Kennels - Echo and Indy-Anna - Rhode Island 
Gregs family owns 3! Josey; Sweetie*, Autumn*-KY 
Sharyl - Gunnar, Moxie, Heidi, Jack* & Teddy* IN  
Jackie - Seminole* & Star Heart*, Spencer/Sammy - Freehold, New Jersey NJ
Sue - Mesa and River RI 
Karen - Daisy  &  Maggie &  Bear CO 
Eileen - Yukon* and Rylee* - NH New Hampshire
Brenda - Nakita* and Vegas* - Massachusetts
Sue - Dakota and Caleb Ohio
Diane - Emma and Lilly OH
Sandy - King and Prince OH
Jeanne - JW & Sara & Baxter FL
Loretta - Jack & Abby  FL
Ann - Jenna & Gino  VA      
Caryl - Obie & Stormy  IL.   
Diane - Kallie* and Monty* CAN
Anita - Zoomer and Turbo WI
Norrine - Cassie and Lexy Indiana 
Kathy - Elsa* and Glory* PA
Sandi - Abby Rose* and Frisco* IL 
Kris - Spencer and Emmy & new girl. NC 
Dan & Karen - Sofi* and Bravo* VA 
Kristie - Luna and Samson Virginia 
Melissa - Fancy & Pippi VA
Lynn - Quin - & Kai &  Sasha Florida FL
Kim - Ivory and Otis WA
Donna and Bruce - Monty & Mitch NH
Sandi - Abby Rose* and Frisco*
Terri - Tensing & Khumbu  MT 
Carolyn - Kodi & Siemper AL

Kathy - Rocky & Adrien! FL
Barbara - Stormy* and Thunder* in CT.&      
(not my own S&T, but my pups, Stormy and Thunder) . 
Michelle - Mai Mai & Soki FL 
Donna and Josh - Bear & Zora
Frank & Cindy - Sissy & Emma PA
Darlene - Buddy and Sophie & new girl MA
Nancy - Wolfpack & new girl OH
Michelle - Trooper & Lux FL 
Carolyn - Cody & Siemper AL
Bob - Shatzie & new boy PA
Nicole- Casey & Emma NY

Ian - Kizer &  girl  NY - NPY

4/08 Not adding to this list any longer as it is getting too long! ;-)

* = 's Same Breedings or litter.
Red sable
Black cream/tan
These Puppies are monster size!  :-)
black red like Hero.

Moxies momma, Yes I really DO have 2 different colored eyes!! 
SKY, Beautiful huge Eli is her granddaddy. Toby, great uncle.
My sables will get dark/multicolored as they grow older. Ex: Chewey
Some examples of Sables: Chewey , 
Daddy of pups - Mr. Thunder
Miss Maggie when pregnant
Mr. Amos, Moxies brother, at 9 months,  now 128 lbs. and 30" tall at 2 years old.
Moxie Girls daddy, gentlest boy of all, Gunnar.
From Rasta, Magnum and Sammy lines.
PUPPY PICS BELOW these pics of beautiful Amos  
Just blew coat, Only 1.8 in this pic.
Miss Maggie at almost 1 year.
Good bye hugs before Mr. Amos went to PA. 
Miss Maggie pregnant
Miss Maggie
ONLY 10 months old.
AMOS / ZASKO at only 8 months.
Miss Blackie Girl / HERO
This boy old was sold with NO AKC PAPERS. AKC papers were NEVER given to this person. He was sold on a 'NOT for Breeding' contract.
Ruby, Red sable girl
'Big Red' boy now
Pretty now
Standard coat girl - straight backed
Beautiful Sky is more silver sable than gold or red.
                                             NO BREEDERS PLEASE

We DO NOT sell to breeders and we hold the papers(when providing them) til our pups get spayed or neutered and our contract does not allow for the dogs to be registered under ANY other registry. This info has been up for years & is on my other pages as well.
2 of the boys & 2 of the girls at 5 weeks old.
Sky has beautiful face markings
Updated 5/24/20
More Pics Below too.