Toby is a huge full German - German Shepherd.  5 yrs. old.  He is mostly Busecker-Schloss, Blitsaerd, Karthago lines. Stock coat. 118 schutzhund titled dogs in his 127 dog pedigree. 
Toby's and Candy's dad, Dryphus-who lives elsewhere. Also dad to Eli.
Toby's page
Toby's mom Kendra - lives elsewhere.
Ayer's Long Coat German Shepherds
Longcoat and standard coat German Shepherd Dogss

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This page was last updated on: July 10, 2023
27 1/2" tall.
Toby at  5 and Sara girl - ultra light Golden Retriever. 
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Toby's pedigree is linked to his full sister's pedigree, Candi- same pedigree, on my girlfriends site at Virginia's Pride Kennels. 
 Toby now at 5. 
Toby at 5.