Tasha-thirsty!     Storm/Mik
Dakota girl. Dais/Sam
Felldoh. Pip/Sam
Rylee Soki/Dallas.
 Wolfgang at 3 1/2 months.                    Pip/Sam
 Hanna- Dais/Sam- and Darby  
 Hanna and Stuart Little.
 One of our white puppies.
Cutie patootie! From a few years ago...one of our Golden's puppers.
Dogs in Motion
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Sweetie with a great! 'golden colored ring' around her eye!!! Sum/Dal.
 Chewy and his kitty friend. 
'Hula Hoops... Eva loves playing with hula hoops!!! She can play with one for a long time before she gets the best of it, unlike balls. I picked up Maddie's one day in the yard and Eva got excited so I threw it. She darted after it and fell two or three times before she learned how to carry it. It only took her a two or three times before she was a pro. She runs with it over her back or with her front paws threw it! Van Dale' WV.
Gentle Dakota at 6 months. 
Kissing cousins! Dakota and Caleb.
Mesa at 4 1/2 months.
Buddy Bear' watching the birds in the neighbors yard! Sis/Mik.
Mercedes being silly! Candi/Sam 
Gus building confidence!! Gretch/Sam
Cagney-at about 5 months-and her baby. OH. Sok/Dal 
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Some of our Puppy Families have fun getting together with others who have littermates to their Puppy or just Other Related Puppies from us!!  :-)
 Brothers Obie and Buddy. Dais/Sam
                      Kudzu and Kizer.
Kudzu-Pip/Sam, Kiz-Storm(Sok/Sam)/Mik(Pip/Tob).
Wilson - Sis (Dais/Sam)/Mik, Max girl-(Sum/Sam). Wilson likes to get together w/Cody(Dais/Sam boy) too!
Caleb too!       Sis/Mik
Chewy swimming at 4 months old.  Sok/Sam. 
 Soki pup.
Duke helping take down the Christmas ornaments!
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     Kona 11months. 
Where did my ball go?!
 Long boy- taking up the whole couch! Caleb 1 1/2.
 Now Caleb, 1 year, and  Dakota chillin'. Dakota is 1 3/4 years.
 Nikki pup and Kitty. Summer/Mikki.
       Gus doing agility. Gretch/Sammy standard coat. 
Logan at 1 year, Gretch/Dallas boy, loves to 'leap' into the water!!!.
 Mesa, 1 1/2. Pip/Sam
Just about 1/2 of Stormy's, and Pippi's puppies too, have ALREADY been swimming -not just wading! at just 3 1/2- 4 months old!!!  
Our Prior Litter Long Coat German Shepherd Puppies Swimming                           and Working; Playing and Other Cute Pics!!
 Cloe - Zoe/Mikki with her hula hoop. 
Kiara herding at 1 1/2 years old.
Gus doing agility. Soki/Dallas WI.
Nika. Zora/Mikki. MT.
Dakota too bit older
 Gentle Caleb at 10 weeks old.
Mr. Gus taking his herding instinct test.The 1st time he'd seen a sheep!