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This page was last updated on: July 10, 2023
The most recent pictures we have been sent by our puppy clients of our past long haired German Shepherd puppies are on this page.  There are more pictures of these puppies and others from the individual litters on the 'Past Puppies' pages of each pups mother, on our directory page. A few pics of some of our own dogs are on this page as well. 
'She' (Dakota) 'is so good with him - he is holding the stick and she is chewing on it!' 
Daisy/Samson girl. 8 months Sue C. OH.
Buddy. Daisy/Samson boy. 10 months. MA
Caleb 1 year 105 pounds. Sissy/Mikki boy. 
Lives w/Dakota below.OH.
Lana. Gretchen/Dally. Standard coat girl. 6 months -75 pounds! Lana will be a be a VERY tall girl! PA. 
Kizer at 7 1/2 months 106 pounds!!! 
Stormy/Mikki boy. SC. New pic.                                          
Nadia. Pippi/Samsongirl. 7 months. IA. 
Jack at 2 looking just like his Daddy Sammy!!! Spencer/Samson boy. VA. New pic.
Misty-Candi/Samson. 92 lbs 28".
Standard coat girl. 2 1/2 years. VA.

Kona. 6 months. Sissy/Mikki. 
-Black and Silver German Shepherd.
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Spencer/Sammy boy Elvis at 2 1/2. And another like Daddy! KY. 
  Most Recent Past Puppy Pictures
Sissy/Mikki. OH. 1 year 97 lbs. 
Mesa. Pippi/Sammy girl. Looking just like Momma Pippi! 
87 pounds at 8 1/2 months old. RI. 

One of our White German Shepherd puppies.
BLIZ is here!!! 7 months 91 pounds. PA. Stormy/Mikki.  
Wilson was 105 pounds at 1 year old & 30" tall. Going on 1 1/2 now. Sissy/Mikki. VA. 
NEW PIC AT BOTTOM of this page.
Lars at 8 months.Sissy/Mikki. PA
New pic of our Toby boy and Sara. 
 Kiz at almost 1 year.
Our very large boned German Shepherd puppies will not be at    their  FULL GROWN  WEIGHTS till they are 3 1/2 years old.
Longhaired German Shepherd. 1 year 7 months. Spencer/Sammy boy. NC.
 Wolfgang at 10 months. Pippi/SammyNY
Willow-Soki/Dallas-At 1.6 years.NJ. 
GREAT example of our nice straight backs! 
Caleb. 8 months.
Cagney 2. Soki/Dallas OH. 
 Koby at 11 months old. Sissy/Mikki. NY.
 August at 6 months.Sissy/Mikki. FL. 
                 Our Puppies/Dogs have 'Soft Expressions' 

Some of our Puppies/Dogs have the exquisite,beautiful light amber eyes.
Max-girl. Summer/Sammy. 1 1/2 years. VA. 
ThankYou Wilsons Daddy and Linda! 
AND OTHER BUDDY! Brothers. Daisy/Samson. 
11 months. MA too! 
Sarge, from our Candi/Sammy-at 1 year. 
Venus, from our Pippi/Toby- at 1 year. Black/Silver long coat German Shepherd.
Just precious! Holding Emma's hand! Emma Daisy/Sammy pup 7 months.'Emma is so incredibly gentle and completely trustworthy with children. Diane' 

<Samson is 'our' 130 pound old world style huge German Shepherd male. Daddy or granddaddy to most of our litters.  New pics are on Samsons page. Sam was just 116 pounds in these pics. 
Our Pippi girl- black and silver German Shepherd.  
Our Soki girl- Rare colored silver sable German Shepherd. 
LOBO at 11 months. Another Sammy/Spencer boy. VA.
Another Sammy boy- Daisy/Sammy. Dodger at 2 years old- 118 pounds. Still not full grown yet! Level top lines. MA.  
Max girl. VA.
Mesa at 11 months old.-Is a whopping  97 lbs and 28" tall! and colored like Momma Pippi but built just like Sammy!!!!.
Our Fancy, 2 1/2, and visitor Loren.  
Full sister to Jack, Zeke, Elvis, Lobo, Indy-Anna.
Our Eli and visitor. Dais/Dryphus- (Toby's dad)
 Dakota boy. 106 at 1 year 4 months. Daisy/Sammy 
NEW Our Precious Daisy 
 Our Sissy- Daisy/Sammy
< 'Our "little" girl (where did that puppy go?) weighs 89 lbs.' (8 months)  'and the vet says she looks great -- they always love the straight backs on your Shepherds! Dr. also commended you on your dog's friendliness - she said she always approaches Shepherds with caution, but our girl always walks up to the vet smiling, wagging her tail and trying to give kisses. Robin'

'Thank you for the articles and your time with us yesterday, Sandy. I can't tell you how special it is that you are available...a year later to help us out! Nidhi' 
Mesa at 1 year. Pip/Sam
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Dakota-girl. 2 years Daisy/Sammy.
 Caleb-Sissy/Mikki. 10 months.
"Do our GSD'S get along w/kitty's?" ask alot of our puppy inquiries. What do you think?  ;-) How gentle is this?! 
Can you spot calico Kitty? Sable Bergan and her Kitty, at 1 year. CO. STORMY/MIKKI. 
 Buddi Bear at 5 months chillin with his kittys. Sissy/Mikki. 
 It's all in how you raise/socialize them! 
Echo at 7 months. Great example of our 
black/cream colors. Echo is from our SOKI & 
our DALLAS and lives now at Genesis Kennels.
Our Fancy at 2. Spencer/Sammy 
Thunder-Summer/Dally boy. Looking JUST like his momma!
 Kona almost 1 year. Sis/Mik
                          Manny at 1 1/2  years.

Manny is a GREAT example of our Bi-Colors. Mannys coat is soooo silky and VERY rich black but I had to lighten the pic to see his face better. Sissy/Mikki.
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Our Zoe- Daisy/Sammy
 Click here to SEE  ALL 'OUR' DADS and MOMS 
Wilson is now 119 lbs. at just 19 months old! Sissy/Mikki.
Dakota girl. Daisy/Sammy 2 years.
Dakota- spitting image of his full sister Sissy!!!-different litter. 1 1/2years. Now 118 lbs. at 2 years old. New pic. 
Chewy and Denise's 1st show!!  Working towards their CD-Companion Dog-obedience title- after Chew was already awarded his CGC- Canine Good Citizen award. I always told you D,  :-) that you were doing a wonderful job with training Chewy!!!! Congrats again!- And on your new in home Pet Sitting Service in DC area too! Soki/Sammy.
Cody 3 years old. Daisy/Sammy
NEW! Obie looking just like Dallas!  At 1 1/2. Now 30" tall! Daisy/Sammy. 
Gretchen. 3 years old. Large German Shepherd.
Soki/Samson. Silver Sable. MD.
 Lana at 1 year old. 
Participating in AKC Obedience - Yes! Chewy and Denise!!! Chewy just recieved his CD title this weekend!!!   TERRIFIC job Denise!!!!! Chewy is training to go on to the next level too! 
Ayer's Chewin Em Up CGC, CD.

Gus in WI will be entering into Novice AKC Obedience next month!!! Good luck!!! XO Dick and Ellie! 
Gus will just be 11 months old next month!

CGC'SCongrats!! to: Last year Chewy recieved his CGC- Canine Good Ciizens Award. 
Gus in WI has just recieved his CGC at just 10 months old!!!!

Mani and Renee will be doing AKC Obedience and Therapy and probably participating in search and rescue. 

Some of our dogs are Certified Therapy Dogs and others are in training. We will list just a few of them. 
Gus-Therapy Dogs International, Elsa, Glory, Kizer, & Sky, are already visiting nursing homes! Quin, Maggie, Monty and Kallie. 

Doing agility now Gus in WI, Gus in MN. Bear in NJ.
Herding - Gus in MN.   

Congrats again!!! to Gus and Dick!!! Gus just passed his HIC, Herding Instinct Certification!!!! Dick and Ellie have been continuously going to the German Shepherd Dog Club Of Wisconsin and just LOVE it! Gus had never seen a sheep before in his life and he did wonderfully!

Hanna is a demo dog for her momma/owner/dog Trainer-Robin, Polite Paws in Hilton Head, SC. She has been going to vist  3-5 year old pre-schoolers-to teach them how to relate to large dogs! :-) and also visiting hospitals and nursing homes for 2 years now! 
See our - affectionately called 'Big Butted' Boys and Girls.  :-) Most of our dogs have the nice straight level backs. Some of our dogs have what we affectionately call the 'Big Butts' just to effectively describe the size of their rumps/croups when speaking to people on the phone. 
      And here is  another Dally                looking boy!(Sissy/Mikki-Zeus) 
Nikki and his kitty, 
4 months. NY. >>
Tazzy is with the County Sheriff's Department  and in training to do bomb detection. 
Gus at 10 months old 102 pounds. Gus just got his CGC!!!! Congratulations to Dick and Ellie and Gus!!!  What a wonderful job you are doing with training Gus!!!!! Soki/Dally.  GERMAN SHEPHERD DOG CLUB of WISCONSIN
Natasha 1 year. Lana's full sister. Plush coat.
For Our 'Full Grown' Puppy Owners:  If you would like your Dogs picture up on this page we will need a few good quality, current photos of him/her after 3 - 3 1/2  years old, prefer at 4 years old, a sit so we can see front conformation, a side standing shot so we can see their structure and size too, and a face shot too, to see their beautiful expressions and eyes!  

Contact us for some pointers on how to get great shots with out distortion. 304-384-8884.
 Kuma at 10 months old. Zoe/Bear.
 Doing CGC soon: Quin, Bear.
NEW Awards Page ,with pictures, will be up later this year or in 2005. Please let us know when your boy or girl get their CGC or if they are doing therapy work, search and rescue, agility, herding, fly ball, etc, and we will be proud add them to our list/new page!
SEE MORE GREAT PICS (even more recent)                          on Page 2 <Click Here  
VERY MUCH THANKS to ALL our puppy owners for providing such loving homes for our puppies. AND for all the wonderful pictures you send to us that we sooo LOVE to see!!
Old fashioned style Large German Shepherds - German Shepherds with straight backs - level top lines.
Noah at 1 1/2 years old. 
Chewy and his Kitty-below. Soki/ Sammy
MORE congrats are in order to Richard P. - and to Gus who just passd his TDI(Therapy Dogs International) certification! And to Ellie too who I am sure helped working with Gus as well!  :-)  
For the next few months we will ONLY be able to answer phone calls. Thank You.  304-384-8884
Koby at 2 years and 111 pounds.
Dakota as a pup.
Dakota girl at 2.
Click to see Mr Gus herding!