Zoe & Sissy Past Puppies
Gretchen& Sissy Past Puppies
Jack lives in VA.
Sara at 8 months. PA. 
Indy-Anna at almost 2 years. 
Lobo at 12 weeks old.
Chapsa at 7 months. Lives in IL. 
 Spencer and Fancy's Puppies from Past Litters
Lobo and his mommy at 5 months.
Elvis at 7 months. KY.  
Olivia at 8 months, longhaired German Shepherd. VA. Susan writes... She is EVERYTHING I ever wanted and gets along great with my other 2 shepherds.... I hope it warms your heart to know that your efforts gave us a wonderful new member to our family.
Prince at 8 months. CA. L1. 
Jack at 7 months. L2
Dakota at about 6 months. Lives in OH. 
VERY MUCH THANKS to ALL of our puppy owners for providing such loving homes to our puppies.
Greta at 6 months. WV. 
Lobo at 11 months. 
Fancy at 2 1/2. 
We are the Breeder of Ayers Indyanna.  Her mom and dad are our Spencer and our Samson. Indy-anna is a black and red long haired German Shepherd.  
She is one of the few puppies we placed with another breeder- Laura Thacher at Genesis Longcoat German Shepherds  Kennels- before we went with all limited registrations. 89 lbs. at 3. 
Cant really explain what a wonderful gift she is to me. She is so incredibly beautiful inside and out. She is everything I need and more that I had hoped for. I wish you could see her and experience what a work of art she is. A million thank for my most precious gift. Susan 
Olivia at almost 1 1/2.  L2 
Lobo 6 weeks old. 
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Lobo at 1 year.
Fancy, longhaired german shepherd, at 1 1/2 years old. WV. German lines. Our dogs have great ball drive. Her mom is from Blackthorn Kennels.  
 Both litters Spencer and Sammy.
Indy at 1 1/2.
3 NEW  Seminole and Heart both girls-at almost 2 years. Sem is 108 pounds and Heart is 118 pounds.  NJ.
Elvis at almost  2 1/2 and STILL NOT FULL GROWN!
Zeke. NC. 
1 1/2 years old.