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This page was last updated on: July 10, 2023
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Participating in AKC Obedience 
YES! Chewy and Denise!  Chewy recieved his CD title!   TERRIFIC job Denise! Chewy is training to go on to the next level too! Soki/Sammy  Ayer's Chewin Em Up CGC, CD.

Canine Good Citizen Certificate - CGC is not a "Title" but a certification program: 

Congrats!!! to: 
Last year Chewy recieved his CGC- Canine Good Citizens Award. Sok/Sam. 

Gus in WI has just recieved his CGC at just 10 months old ! Congratulations to Dick and Ellie and Gus! What a wonderful job you are doing with training Gus! At 10 months old is 102 pounds. Sok/Dally. GERMAN SHEPHERD DOG CLUB of WISCONSIN. 
Ayer's Gustov of New Berlin, CGC, TDI(Therapy Dogs International), HIC(Herding Instincts Certification)

Congrats to more of these puppers and their owners who have recieved their CGC's. 

Zena - Sissy/Mikki.
Kizer - Stormy/Mikki.
Caleb - Sissy/Mikki. 
Layla - Lilly Bug/Thunder
Reagan -
Nikki - Zora/Mikki
Mesa - Pip/Sam
River - Summer/Mik

Some of our dogs are Certified Therapy Dogs and others are in training. I will list a few of them. 
Elsa, Glory, Sky, (Sok/Dal)   Kizer (Sis/Mik)   are already visiting nursing homes! 

MORE congrats are in order to Richard P. - and to Gus who just passd his TDI (Therapy Dogs International) certification! And to Ellie too who I know helped working with Gus as well!  :-)

Congratulations to: 
Gatsby and Kristy on just reciving his TDI Certification. :-)
Layla (Lillybug/Thunder) and Cheri

Doing agility now:  Gus in MN(Gretch/Sammy). Gus in WI, Bear in NJ. Both Sok/Dal. 

Herding - Congrats again to Gus and Dick! Gus just passed his HIC, Herding Instinct Certification. Dick and Ellie have been continuously going to the German Shepherd Dog Club Of Wisconsin and just LOVE it! Gus had never seen a sheep before in his life and he did wonderfully! Soki/Dallas 

Gus in MN. Gretchen/Sammy boy.
Caleb in OH Sissy/Mikki boy. 

Hanna is a demo dog for her momma/owner/dog Trainer-Robin, Polite Paws in Hilton Head, SC. She has been going to vist  3-5 year old pre-schoolers to teach them how to relate to large dogs! :-) and also visiting hospitals and nursing homes for 2 years now! Daisy/Sammy.

Now Gatsby (Gretch/Dally) and his mom volenteer at the schools for the childeren too.

Tazzy is with the County Sheriff's Department and in training to do bomb detection work. Gretch/Dally.
Specializing in long coated German Shepherd puppies.
The majority of our Puppies Owners are desiring a pet/companion but some of our owners have become interested in participating in some fun organized things they can do with their Pup/Dog and some others are taking an interest doing some type of work or sporting events with their Pup/Dog.
Reminder: Doing CGC soon: Sky sok/dal, Bear sok/dal 
Therapy: Maggie zoe/bear. Monty and Kallie sis/mikki.  
Renee Obedience soki/dallas.
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 Dog Breeders in West Virginia
Gus during his Herding Instincts Test at about 1 1/2 years old.  
Please let us know when your boy or girl gets their C.G.C.( I know I have missed getting some on the list- please remind me  :-)  or if they are doing obedience, therapy work, search and rescue, agility, herding, fly ball, etc., and we will be proud to add them to our list/new page!
But really we are proud of all of our dogs!! We tell our owners that we are proud of THEM for what they are doing with their dogs, even basic obedience- and what they are able to teach their dog by learning even more about dog training/behavior and working more with their dogs! - and the dogs LOVE it! - the extra time they get with their owners, the closer relationship, and doing the activities!  
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