Ayer's Long Haired German Shepherds Dog Breeders

My love and my passion for dogs runs deep and is probably somewhat inherited! ;-)  as years ago my great grandparents and grandparents bred rough coat an smooth coat Collies as well as raised cattle in MI. Both of my parents loved dogs as well so I have always had dogs in my life from birth for 56 years-with the exception of 2 years while I was attending college. During that time I just did not feel complete when I didnt have a dog with me.

     Over the years I have enjoyed the companionship of our dogs, some pure breds, some rescues.  I have been lucky enough to have been able to share my life with German Shepherds, Collies, Golden Retrievers, English Setters, Labador Retrievers, a Springer Spaniel, as well as mixed breeds.

     We currently 'unofficially' participate in rescue. Over the years we have found homes for many stray dogs as well as found lost dogs and we were able to return them to their owners. Last year we took in a stray Collie and also a GSD. After advertising them as 'found' with no response- we found new wonderful homes for them. 
    I bred Golden Retrievers for a short time while having my GSD's too.  I chose to specialize in German Shepherds. I have not  bred many different breeds as many puppy mills breeders do do. I am not a breeder who claims to have had 100s of dogs in my lifetime and all kinds of dogs as I do not believe that dogs are disposable. The dogs I had I held on to for as long as possible.  
      I whelped my first litter 35 years ago. I have worked as a grooming assistant as well as worked at a dog boarding/breeding kennel while living in New England.(I am a New Englander at heart and a Michigander too) Moved to WV as less expensive. I have volunteered with the ESSA Program (Emotional Support Service Animals) in WV as well. I have attended and graduated from National K-9 School for Dog Trainers in OH(certificate).  I did do some dog training professionally before beginning my endeavor to fulfill my life long desire as a young girl to work with dogs.

     Through years of caring for my beloved pets and my past learning and experiences, and training, I am able to offer various forms of support and provide information to our new puppy owners. Having a joy of learning and being an voracious reader I try to keep up with the current information on breeding/training/medical issues. I have a circle of GSD Breeder friends that I have known since I started breeding-who have been breeding from 10-30 years and who also enjoy researching. We all share our knowledge from doing extensive health and genetic research with one another as well as share info acquired from veterinarians and our own personal experiences we have had over the years.
Our long haired German Shepherd Dogs are:
Very large and have the straighter backs with out the excessive angulation.  

We are very, very proud of our dogs!!! 

Every one is just so excited to be meeting all the dogs and so awestruck by the size and beauty and friendliness of these magnificent animals!  Just about every single person who comes here remarks that they can not believe how happy, friendly,and obedient my dogs are!  

Our Dogs love meeting people who come to visit! When people come to visit or pick up their puppy we usually (their time permitting and mine and weather) let them personally meet each and every one of our dogs here! Gets a bit hectic, LOL! but everyone so enjoys meeting them all! It is quite exhausting! but we want everyone to actually see  the wonderful temperaments of all our dogs here!    

They also LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! going in the car,boating, swimming at the near by lake or going in one their two 600 gallon pools here. Most love to fetch balls, play soccer with themselves!, catch frisbees and some just love to carry things! Most of our dogs are very agile and enjoy doing agility in our yard. They do love to go for walks/hiking in the woods near our home. Their very favorite activity is going to the lake near my home to go swimming. And they really love to ride in the tram/gondola- down into the gorge at the park, to swim and hike, and then riding back up! And they also all love going into Lowes with me! The pupper dogs love to go to playgrounds which we use for fun as well as confidence building. In the summer we get to go to outdoor concerts at the park by me. In the fall I take few  to fairs when I can. They also love going to the flea market right near me. 

We have all colors as well as SABLES (silver, gold, red), and occasional Whites & Blacks. Black/Red, Blk/Reddish Gold(orange), Black/Tan, Black/Silver, Black/Cream. (No liver or blue)

My dogs spend most nights inside my home. If it is a concern to you how breeding dogs where u are looking are living, you would want to ask breeders if their dogs live in their home- not in a kennel 24/7 or just in one room of the house like a kennel building or the basement- isolated from the family. My dogs spend part of the day and most all of the nights in our home, and literally under my feet! Some get 'rotated' and come in during most of the days and every other night when a few of the others spend the night out. Even the boys DO hang together inside or outside long as there is no girls in heat! Alot of the time can E and Little hang together - and w/Thund or Dallas or Hero sometimes. Usually Dallas hangs with Thunder and Hero.  Then of course sometimes Thund and Hero need to hang w/E or Little too so all can get along. Rocky I prefer to hang w/Thunder and Hero(the younger guys) now that he is 12 years old. Rocky was always the boss here but now that he is an old guy I prefer him not to be with the other older males unsupervised. All are fine w/ Rocky in the house  when outside with big males I just prefer to be there as Mr Rocky is starting to get bit frail. And Sammy likes to hang outside with Rock, Hero, Tundie - or the others too when I am there or we are inside. And it is that way just because I dont want to have ALL the males together at one time. Then of course Mr Toby is here sometimes too! and he likes to hang with mostly Rocky.  Oh my goodness! It is just mind boggleing most of the time! lol! The girls can all hang with each other. 

Friends, neighbors, our many Breeder friends, and customers can vouch for this! Just let us know if you would like references! 

ALL of the dogs get to be out in the yard for about half of the day which keeps us pretty busy rotating everyone in or out of kennels, yard and in & out of the house. 

I have been to a few dog shows years back. I do not show my dogs as I have never had any in interest at all in doing that. Even if I did shows would be very far from me and I would not leave my dogs unattended for great lengths of time. Even closest Schutzhund group is 3 hours from me. What I do love doing w/my dogs is  training and with small groups here, beaches, lakes, swimming with them or watching them swim, boating, camping, hiking, fairs, traveling, etc. type things. There are just sooo many other things that are soo much more enjoyable to me than showing  and I believe to my dogs too!

We do not stud out our males - nor at this time, do we use 'outside males' as we prefer to use males from our own kennel that we are very familiar with the genetic health of- some being total outcrosses or from our own breedings. Also this way we do not have to worry about infections such as brucellosis, etc.  

This page was last updated on: May 24, 2019
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West Virginia German Shepherds for Sale -  About Us Page
German Shepherd puppies for sale in West Virginia.
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Meet all Our Boys and Girls
We strive to produce healthy puppies/dogs, and are very proud of our health statistics, - with exceptional stable/sound temperaments that are large and stunningly beautiful, intelligent, confident, easily trained and versatile.  Gus (soki/ sammy boy) just got back from a pheasant hunting! trip with his owner and his many Labrador Retreiver friends!   

More often than not our pups when grown are quite calm/gentle. Some will have moderate drive. 

We are very particlular about where our puppies are placed. Our puppies only go to homes where they will 'live' inside with their family.and be included as a part of the family. 

Our puppies are whelped inside our home and raised under foot where they are held and snuggled and loved on through out the day, have music, TV, controlled temperatures, and are exposed to the sights and sounds of daily living. Ex: vacuum, things dropping(loud noises), introduced to the crate(when they are old enough to walk around they like to take themselves to the open crate in the puppy room or living room to sleep), many dogs, car rides, swimming(in summer), stairs, etc. Our Puppies go outside at around 5 weeks. We have 2 very large puppy areas (18 x 30) with 2 buildings with heat as well. After the puppies go outside the puppies do not just stay in the pen. They continue to come back in the house and also get to play in the larger yard where we have loads of toys, two 600 gallon pools for them, slides, sand boxes, puppy ramps, tunnels, etc. We feel it is very important for our puppies to be hardy, strong and healthy and that they have plenty of room to romp and play, investigate and explore, and get and fresh air and sunshine. Also we would not want to transport a pup that had only been kept in the house and was not used to temperatures outdoors. 

We require puppy to be taken to 'puppy' classes and at least 1 basic obedience class.  So your dog will be a JOY to have around too! We also encourage people to participate in whatever other kind of training that they and their puppy enjoy doing together. We only recommend collar correction training w/LOTS of PRAISE! Some of the dogs have a soft temperament and  just need their flat collars. Ocassional treats are fine too.  We want you to have gentle, obedient companions like you will meet at my home.   

Our puppies are up to date on vaccines and wormings. We provide a 2 year written hip guarantee.(which actually would be till Puppy is 26 months old)  

Our puppies go to their new homes with a spay/neuter contract. 

We will be happy to provide you with references from Puppy Owners. ALL of our Puppy Owners have generously said we may use them as references as well. We wont just give you a reference that 'we' pick... You can pick out any dog from our site and we will give you their #.  

Many families have been so pleased with their first puppy that they have got a second or third and even fourth puppy! from us as well! Their Puppys' pictures are on the Past Puppies pages.

Some of our Puppy Owners have already enjoyed the fun experience of getting together with other Puppy Owners that live near them for fun and socializing! and pictures. They are able to meet other litter mates or sometimes other pups that may be related to their pup or just other pups from us. If you are interested in getting together with other Puppy Owners we will try to put you in touch w/someone who lives near you!

I do not pick and choose which pups I think are the best looking to put up on my site. I put up a pic of every single pup I have had if the owners send me a pic even if the shot is not a very good one. But...I certainly do greatly appreciate seeing good shots so I can see how my pups are actually looking! I actually think they are all beautiful anyway! :-)  As are all dogs!!!!

We encourage our new Puppy Owners to keep in touch with us as their puppy grows and develops. We can provide you with current info on health, nutrition, training, and answer any other questions you may have. We provide lifelong support with all of our puppies. And we love speaking with Puppy owners and hearing about our puppies!

If your puppy came from us- you may always call us anytime - 
during the day or night for any questions or concerns you may have about your puppy/dog.

We welcome visitors to come meet our dogs when I dont have little puppies here.
Afternoons after 2 pm. Call for an appointment. We are closed on most Sundays but  can sometimes make special arrangements for Sundays. No holidays.

email me

Phone calls only at this time - Thank You!