Dakota-girl-at 8 months. Lives with Caleb a Sissy/Mikki pup from us as well. OH.  
Daisy Past Pupies
Soki & Stormy Past Puppies
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 Daisy and Sammy litter
Dakota-boy. Very large boned German Shepherd with a massive large head. 108 in this pic. Now 118 lbs. at 2 years. 
Obie at almost 5 months. IN
Dakota 24 lbs. at 9.5 weeks old. 
Dakota -girl-11 weeks. 
Heidi at 3 months old.
Buddy at 4 months old. MA.
Zorro..."He's intelligent, funny, gentle, playful, obedient, sweet, brave, enthusiastic, affectionate and has the best personality and the funniest, and most easy-going!  And he is SO handsome.  Even the cats love him.  We couldn't have gotten a better puppy. You should be proud, ALL your pups are beautiful.  My town has a limit of 3 dogs that can be kept in a residence. If we didn't already have the 3 dogs, I would get another pup from you. Zorro's personality is the best thing about him. He is such a happy boy and takes correction well. Believe me, his delightful personality surpasses his good looks.  You must be tired of hearing me "gush" about how wonderful he is but I can't help it. He is the best puppy and I can't imagine not having him in our life. It's like the little fella was made for us. Thank you Sandy. He far exceeds our expectations...Diane"
Samson at 4 months. PA. "I can't even tell you how much of a joy he is to have around. Linda"
Dakota girl at 4 months. 
Coated German Shepherd Puppies  
NEW Other Buddy! in MA too! at 8 1/2 months old.
Buddy from MA and Obie from IN. Get together to meet and play!!  6 months old.
'Just wanted to let you know that we are enjoying our Heidi so much.  She is the most loving and caring dog we've ever seen--big or little dog.  Her intelligence and understanding is superior.  We thought no dog could rival our first German Shepherd--Buddy--but Heidi is on her way to stardom.  She is a "classy lady". Thank-you for providing us with a real affectionate and cooperative FRIEND.                                  Happy in Illinois, Tom and Marilyn P. and of course Heidi'
Buddy  MA-4 months.
Heidi at 6 months old.
Buddy at 10 months old.
Most precious momma Daisy.
"I looked at a lot of sites before selecting a breeder.  
None of those dogs had the eyes like your dogs.  
I am particularly impressed by all of your dogs. 
I have met them all in person and they are all  kind, gentle and so very intelligent animals with wonderful personalities.  
Each one of them is very special. 
My husband has always told me that when looking for a dog or a puppy  look at their eyes.  The eyes of a dog are the stairway to their soul.  The eyes will tell you the personality of the dog  whether they are kind or mean, whether they are gentle or fierce, intelligent or stubborn.  I have always followed his advice and I have four of the most wonderful dogs a person could ask for.  All have their own personality and all have the personality that their eyes told me about when I found them. Two of them are your dogs. Sue"  
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Prince-Daisy/Sammy and King (another bi-color)- Sissy/Mikki. OH 
Dakota at 7 months old.
Dakota-boy-at 1year 6 months. 
 Newer pics of my most precious Daisy.
 Daisy smiling!
 The 2 Dakotas this litter! Boy(L) and Girl(R). 
 Brother and Sister.
 Dakota boy 5 months.
 OBIE at 1 1/2. Looking just like Dally!