Affectionately described as the 'Big Butted' Girls and Boys. 
 Ayer's Longcoat German Shepherds
 Caleb 7 months.Sissy/Mikki OH
We will not put up on this page ALL our 'BB' girls and boys but will put up just a few  pictures as examples of some as we find the shots showing their side views.
You will see MANY many others through out our web site. 
Tree trunk like, strong and powerful legs.            Caleb at 7 months.
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 Level straight backed German Shepherds
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Kona Sissy/Mikki. 7 months old.
Stormy. Soki/Sammy 2 years.
Just blew coat
Some of our affectionately called-'Big Butted' Boys and Girls.  :-)   Most all of our dogs have the nice straight level backs. Some of our dogs have what we affectionately call the 'Big Butts' just to effectively describe the size of their rumps/croups when speaking to people on the phone.They tend to level out when they are full grown!
Kizer at almost 2 years 123 lbs. 
 Kiz at 1 year - Me thinks u are out growing your pool Kiz! LOL! 
This page was last updated on: July 10, 2023
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Past puppies ALL GROWN UP!
Daisy Past Puppies
Dakota girl at 2. Dais/Sam. SC
Dakota boy at 10 months. Stormy/Bear. FL
Jenna. Summer/Mikki girl at 1 year. VA 
Miss Quin at only 1 year 2 months. Stormy/Mikki. FL.
Mr Monty, Sissy /Bear.