VERY MUCH THANKS  to ALL of our Puppy Owners for providing such loving homes for my puppies! :-)
Ayer's Plush Coat German Shepherds
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Dog Breeders Specializing in long coat/plush coated German Shepherd Puppies
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                  See some more of my pups 'more' grown up! and then all grown !

& Available Young Adults - Molly; Reba - Zora/Mikki. 
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Fancy/Bear boy and girl at 5 weeks old.
Queen Fancy waiting at her foster home for pups to arrive.
Mr.Grizz and Ms. Moxie w/their foster momma.  
WONDERFUL job  - 1st time foster momma!". 
Both pups are in my foster program. 
Here is the little girl. Sis/Bear. Sold
Examples of a 'SADDLE BACK' - DaisyDallas, MikkiLittleZoe.  Looking at the dog from the side it looks like the black is where a horse saddle would go. The saddle would usually be called the 'traditional' markings. With 'traditional' coloring referred to as black & tan. 

Examples of a 'BLANKET BACK' SamsonBear, Sissy. Looking at the dog from the side it looks like the black is where it would be if one threw a black blanket over the dogs back- covers a larger area than the saddle. 

Bi-color Manny

Examples of Sables Sable coloring & sables 2, 3

I can not tell when the pups are just 7 weeks 'who' they will look like when they are older or how large they will be - tho most are relatively close in size which is usually LARGE. I can tell you which will be blankets and which will be saddles. Best for people to pick moms and dads where they like the majority of the dogs in 'past puppies'  pictures. The puppies usually do not look exactly like the moms and dads but sometimes more like one than the other or a combination of both or a combination of the past relatives too.  SEE Color Changes (Bear at the bottom of linked page-3 pics).  

Temperaments can change too-  A more submissive pup can become dominant due to lack of proper leadership, a domiant pup will stay dominant though. 

So remember to "Be Your Dogs Pack Leader!" says Ceasar Millan 

Most of my dogs pages have pictures of them as youngsters too so you can notice how their color keeps changing, and structure, till they are about 3 years old. My dogs are not full grown until they are 3 1/2 years old. A good example would be looking at Eli, Sissy or Samson's page. 
Sissy/Bear boy. Sold
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Puppies 5
Most Recent Past Puppies Page
I will place with 1 or 2 very special families, a pup or adult to be in our 'Forever Yours Permanently' Foster/Breeding Program
Ace is currently available - SOLD
          Due to health issue in his human family
Ace is energetic, knows commands sit, lay down, wait (before going thru doors/steps) etc. .. but since he still a toddler and needs reinforcement daily. We walk him to get some of his energy burned off. He is a very loving dog and watches his owners closely and enjoys being part of the pack. No aggression what so ever. Just a big ol lovey bear. He has his corners he enjoys sleeping in and enjoys his rituals we have started during playtime.  He likes children. He loves my son. If he goes into a room with 4 children he wants 4 children to pet him. We took him camping and he was like a magnet with children, he loved it. I havent seen anyone that he didnt like, he is very social. Cindy KY. 

4 1/2 months old.
It would be unrealistic to think I can accurately predict or 'guarantee' a certain size and I do not. I have had female puppies that when full grown at 3 1/2 years old have been from 74 pounds to 122 pounds with the majority of Females being 86-110 pounds. Males from 85-135 with the majority being 105-120 pounds. (full grown weights)

I believe it is much healthier for their joints - for the girls not to be much over 90 pounds and for the boys not to be over 115 pounds. I had to get a few lbs. off of my own dogs as well to have them at an appropriate weight. 
get pics blossom, hero, cae-zar, illusion, harmony, honor, justice, lilly bug, lola, lulu, lua, laken, ocean, shimmer, marina, thunder 
Zora/Bear at 6 weeks old. 
Some of the families that have more than 1 puppy from us!

Laura Thacher. - Breeder Genesis Kennels - Echo and Indy-Anna - Rhode Island 
Ann- Jenna & Gino & Roxy & Gunnar. VA
Jeanne- JW & Sara & Baxter & Duke. FL.
Gregs family-. Josey; Sweetie*, Autumn*- KY 
Sharyl - Gunnar, Moxie, Heidi, Jack* & Teddy* IN  
Bob- Shatzi & Schutzhund & Edlewiess PA.
Jackie - Seminole* & Star Heart*, Spencer/Sammy - Freehold, New Jersey NJ
Sue - Mesa and River RI 
Karen - Daisy  &  Maggie &  Bear CO 
Eileen - Yukon* and Rylee* - NH 
Brenda - Nakita* and Vegas* and Veetoo - MA
Sue - Dakota and Caleb Ohio
Diane - Emma and Lilly OH
Sandy - King and Prince.OH.
Loretta - Jack & Abby  FL
Caryl - Obie & Stormy  IL.   
Diane - Kallie* and Monty* CAN
Anita - Zoomer and Turbo WI
Norrine - Cassie and Lexy Indiana 
Kathy - Elsa* and Glory* PA 
Kris - Spencer and Emmy NC 
Dan & Karen - Sofi* and Bravo* VA 
Kristie - Luna and Samson Virginia 
Melissa - Fancy & Pippi VA
Lynn - Quin - & Kai &  Sasha Florida FL
Kim - Ivory and Otis WA
Donna and Bruce - Monty & Mitch NH
Deb - Cloe & Tunder IN
Sandi - Abby Rose* and Frisco* & Shya.  IL
Terri - Tensing & Khumbu  MT 
Carolyn - Kodi & Siemper AL
Kathy - Rocky & Adrien! FL
Barbara - Stormy* and Thunder* in CT.     
 (not my own S&T, but my pups, Stormy and Thunder) . 
Michelle - Mai Mai & Soki FL 
Donna and Josh - Bear & Zora
Frank & Cindy - Sissy & Emma PA
Darlene - Buddy and Sophie & new girl__ MA
Nancy - Wolfpack & new girl OH
Carolyn - Cody & Siemper AL
Ian - Kizer &  wait girl   NY
Felix - Leo &  girl MN
Michelle - Trooper & wait boy FL 
Taylor family- Isis & Grace SC.
Barbara Maya & Colenna Fl.
​Chris Samson & boy WI.

Add sue 3 g IL. . k s  g  OH   Summ
4/08 Not adding to this list any longer as it is getting too long! ;-)

* = 's Same Breedings or litter.
Puppies are $1200-$1800 for the long coats. (+.06 sales tax)                                      
Where the Big Dogs run!
Where Puppy matches seem made in Heaven!
Laken (click on)
'I think we needed brushing!'
 2 Maya/Titan of the boy puppies.
Maya is Lakens full sister, same litter. Maya is same color as Laken
Zoe/Thunder puppies at just barely 5 weeks old.
Ryder- MN. 
Gretch/Dally boy has beautiful amber colored eyes!
Gretchen puppies
LC boy                     Long coat girl
2 boy standard coats.
Think may look like Toby and Rocky.
7 weeks
Long coat boy
Zora/M Puppies
Thunder at 1 year. Now 2 and bit more filled out. 30" tall now.
Miss Angel after blowing coat. 1 1/2 year old in pic. Zoe/Bear
Only pic I have of Lilly Bug is at 9 mo. Will get a new pic.
Longcoat girls -  loosing their puppy coat tho.
Peyton 3 1/2 mo. SOLD.
New pic of Mr Frisco, from Gretch's last litter. IN
Mary/Raisin at 5 wks, 6 mo. and 8 months
Lilly Bug/Thunder
Some of the Girls
Ocean at just 1 year old. Stormy/Bear.
Plush coated german shepherd Mr.Griz at 1 1/2. 
6 months
Molly at 8 & 10 months.
NOTICEStarting in 2009
I will probably be switching to just a HOBBY breeder - breeding mainly for myself - to keep my precious lines going - & for my dogs care, & so I can get back to having time to really be able to enjoy my family and my pupper dogs, getting back to time to go boating, swimming, camping, etc. wth them.

I will probably be having only 1 litter a year. 

1 only one litter this year- ready to go in Oct, 2008.
To previous litters of puppies.
I grow love here!
Occasionally an older dog I have deceided not to keep for breeding may be less.
My puppies/dogs have 'Soft  Expressions'