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Dog Breeders of Longhaired German Shepherds
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   Priority given to our current Puppy Owners.
longhaired girl and 1 longhaired boy to be in breeding program from my precious Miss Daisy/Sammy lines. 
For the next few months I will ONLY be able to answer phone calls. 
                                                     Thank You! 
Jenna is a long haired German Shepherd. Just 14 months!                  Sum/Mik pup. VA   Not available.  
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In case anyone wonders why theses dogs stay up on my site for quite awhile...  I do get occasional calls for some of the grown dogs or pups. Someone asked me if I was really that picky? Yes I AM that picky! lol! Whether the pupper is retired or in the breeding program, or going to a pet home - I just want to know that the family will be, of course, a wonderful pet owner. If the dog is in the 'breeding program'  they also must be committed and reliable/trustworthy to participate in the program. Since I live in a rural state, I'm a bit distance from populated larger cities. Most of the time distance is too far for most people to want to commit to. However I do have a few WONDERFUL Fosters that do live a distance from me. Just looking for wonderful pet owners that are honest and have integrity and don't mind driving for the 2 or 3 breedings (or possibly 1) or meeting or using the vets. Sometimes some people who call dont seem to realize how important these precious dogs are to me and how important my breeding program is to me. I would rather not place any pups or that they stayed here rather than let them go to just anyone. Since it seems to take me up to a year - or 2,  lol! - to find one commited person, this will stay up on my site year round.
I won't be shipping adult dogs since this is something they would not be used to. You would need to meet the dogs to see about the right fit for your family and I would want to meet you too!

Please do your homework and check other programs if you would like to participate in our breeding program. You may like to contact one of the people in my breeding program already to see if they have enjoyed being in it and if they feel that their family and their puppy have benefited by it. You can just give me a call for their phone #. 
Serious inquires only please.
... Fostering Fancy has been a most unique experience that has provided for us the dog of a lifetime without breaking the bank on a purebred that we couldn't afford otherwise. With 2 small kids and college to save for, paying full price wasn't an option for us. Spending time with breeding, puppies, and vet care was way worth what we got in return. A dog with a history, personality, and loving nature - unlike getting a dog that we know nothing about, with an unknown past, that could potentially harm our kids. 

I will be back from my trip next month. Can we plan on possibly coming to see you and Pippi then? It would be a true blessing to have a suitable companion for our girl Fancy and addition to our home. Just let me know if it's still an option. Fancy likes riding in the car every morning to take the kids to school and still continues to try and play ball with our cat who just isn't interested. She really needs a friend to hang out with. :-)

Melissa  H.
Mother, Wife, & Student (Melissa now has Miss Pippi too! Sandy)
Thank you Melissa for being such a concerned, compassionate, and loving pupper owner - thoughtful friend - and for whelping for me Fancy/Bear puppies- giving me Grizzley and Moxie and for giving Miss Fancy such a wonderful home! 
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Note from a foster momma:
Available Puppies For Sale
Gretch has found a wonderful home in NC.
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