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New Puppy Purchasers Info Page
Please print out or read all this info.   This is some info on parvo, puppy mouthing, pano, food, health and training etc, that I feel is VERY important for our new puppy owners to know about. These are the e-mails that I used to send to all the new clients but here new clients can get the e-mails themselves saving me time and you space in your email.


Please read ALL these articles below. 

There is so much important info here and when people dont read it they call us up- which takes alot of time away from my dogs- asking about foods, training etc, ... - ?'s we have already addressed in these articles below. 
I certainly dont mind being called up and asked about any ?'s one might have that are not addressed in these articles or  if u  have ?'s about what is in  these articles!  :-)  Sandy
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PANNOSTEITIUS "PANO" 'Growing Pains'  
HIPS: New Perspectives on Osteoarthritus http://www.vet.upenn.edu/schoolresources/communications/publications/bellwether/52/canine_symposium.html 
Cornell-Hip Dysplasia http://www.news.cornell.edu/releases/July96/dysplasia.hrs.html
The Importance of Proper Positioning During Hip X-rays.http://www.leerburg.com/hipart.htm
 **IMPORTANT to READ!: 4 articles- Pano, Hips etc.
Hopefully everyone has read all of 'our' info on 
'Starting Your GSD Out Right from the Begining', by Me
and the 'Socializing' info on our 'Links' page

Puppies should meet 100 people(strangers) by the time they are 4 months old!- AND 20 (unknown to them before) dogs by 6 months old!
10-Step Natural Health Program for German Shepherd Feeding, vaccinations, 
health problems, spaying and neutering. http://www.yourpurebredpuppy.com/dogbreeds/germanshepherds.html
Should your dog eat BARF raw bones and raw foods?? AND Top 50 BARF ?'http://www.njboxers.com/faqs.htm 
Myths about feeding raw bones and raw foods. http://pages.cthome.net/heather/myths.htm
           Canine Good Citizens Test/Award  AKC       
 If pup/dog is ever too heavy then feed 'large breed' adult dog food.   NO grain free till after 1 year old. 

Great info on brands of dog food. Also sign up for recalls. Also sign up for recalls.
Longhaired German Shepherds by breeder specializing in the breeding of longcoat German Shepherds
I will e-mail directions to my home. 
Please Print Out 2 copies - and bring both with you to pick up your puppy.
Do not forget! Puppies can not go with out a signed contract.
Please let me know if any of the links are not working. Thank u soo much! 
       When you send me your contract...
Copy and Paste to an e-mail and return to me
Send to me with your deposit
Do not print out till time to come get puppy. 
About Dog Food Rendering
What is Really in you Dogs Food???  and 
The 4 D's - Dead, Dying, Diseased, and Decayed. 
 Very important updated new info (came out june 2003) about frequency of DHPP vaccines - not so often!
BLOAT  The second leading killer of dogs, after cancer  
Please familiarize yourself with my  Links Page: Has all kinds of important info about socializing, health, training, locating a dog trainer, books, dog catalogues, etc.  
GSD owners pay attention:
Puppy Application
Deposit Contract
1 year Health Guarantee and 2 year Hip Guarentee.
Very important! (same links) 


Puppy Mouthing,


shipping  (not shipping at this time)  and other info.
Taking Great Puppy Dog Pictures
How to ... Swimming
Now every 3 years - NOT every year! - (dhlpp).
Rabies Challenge
Lyme vaccines NOT recommended. 123.
              Heartworm Medication only every 6 weeks!  

Should You Trust Your Dog???
Please do not risk your friend and your heart.
Save the trust for things that do not matter. 
NEVER give 2 shots at the same time. (like dhpp & rabies) 
                   & NEVER vaccinate a sick dog.
Hopefully soon research will prove that the rabies vaccine is good for 7+ years! (DOI -duration of immunity)
E- book $9
11 Things You Must Do RIGHT To Keep Your Dog Healthy and Happy  
The Pet Food Industry and its Questionable Practices  by Ann Martin 
(And about Iams, Eukanuba)
Proper way to put on a training chain collar 
Pinch, Prong Collars
MORE socializing  and other Info
No hooves, pigs ears, rawhides.
425 on 2 10 07
Frontline for fleas only every 3 months.
< I missed putting in Parvo article...
If u are staying in a hotel puppy should only be in the crate or on the bed w/o the bedspread as 100's of dogs have been in the room if they allow pets & read the article on left tooAt vets I keep puppy on top of crate for exam or wipe the table myself w/a clorox wipe and I dont let peoplethere possibly w/sick dogspet my pups.

Some people love to brush their dogs daily. Weekly should be sufficient if you prefer.  Long coat gsd's should not ever be shaved! 

I clip nails and clean ears monthly. I cut hair on bottoms of feet, and up legs a bit for cleanliness and neat appearance.

I clip hair in between toes so no snow or dirt balls form. I cut what I call 'butt hair' on thighs near tail when it gets 'thick' for ease of brushing. 

I trim hair under tail near base. 

I brush teeth - and when needed (usually only every 3 or so months I check them for tartar and because I feed some raw meats/bones they usually dont need it anyway) I use a tool like your dentist uses but for dogs- in dog catalogues or pet stores- for just 'gently chipping' off tartar if any has formed on the 2 canines and the 2 rear molars. Your finger nail can also be used. The tooth is not to be scraped but just a little 'tiny'  flick movement chips off any tarter. I do not want my dogs to have to be put under sedation for any reason unless absolutely necesary.

Over bathing is not recommended by professionals as it can cause dry skin in GSD's. It is usually recommended 1-2 x's a year. Of course if they get into something a bath can be given. After swimming or if they ever get muddy, spraying them off with the hose is usually sufficient.

I am proud to say that I have never yet had a case of bloat but think this is so important for people to be aware of.
Water Intoxication