SISSY and GRETCHEN'S long haired German Shepherd Puppies from Past Litters 
Plush coat german Shepherds
Summer & Zora Past Puppies
Soencer & Fancy Past Puppies
GRETCHEN/SAMSON Pups. Gretchen had long haired and standard coat puppies.
Gus at 10 months old. Black and silver. Lives in MN.
Jacey at 6 weeks. Lives in PA.
Kodi at 1 year old. Lives in AL. 
Harley at 6 weeks. Lives in WV.
Daisy a long haired german shepherd puppy at 6 weeks. Lives in CA.
Cassie at 6 weeks. Lives in VA.

Gus at 12 weeks old.
Jacey at 12 weeks. 
Tazzy at 4 months.
Ayer's Long Coat German Shepherds
Kodi at 8 weeks. 
Lomax at 6 weeks. Lives in IA. 
Cassie at 1 1/2 years. VA.  
German Shepherd Dog Breeders of Old World Style German Shepherdss
            Longhaired German Shepherds and Standard Coat Puppy's
VERY MUCH THANKS to ALL our puppy owners for providing such loving homes for our puppies.
Wilson at 7 months. 85 lbs. VA.   "Thanks for taking such good care of us. You have a great "family" and it shows... He's got a great personality and disposition, loves being around people and other dogs.  He's got exactly the demeanor I wanted -- curious, but calm, loves people and other dogs, is very approachable and likes to play games. William"

 Harley at 10 months old.
Manny at 9 weeks and his young owner. VA.
Nikita  at 10 months.
Vegas 11 weeks.
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Lomax at 7 months. Cant make larger.
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Manny is a GREAT example of our Bi-Colors. Mannys coat is soooo silky and VERY rich black but I had to lighten the pic to see his face better.   
Winston at 4 months old. 
 Daisy at 7 months. 
stocky build German Shepherds
"Lomax is without a doubt one of the most laid back dogs I have ever had, he is very active, loves to play with Chloe, but is also content to lay out with me in my playroom and do nothing. They are quite a pair. He is also one of the quickest learners I have every had. He is a real smart boy. He also has one of the deepest barks I have every heard, but he is very friendly but he is also very alert.I could go on forever about him. Jim"

'Sandy, I've been all around the country and the quality of this shepherd is unequal to any I've seen and blows the rest away! Noah is very very smart and loves our kids. He is so easily trained. His temperment is Excellent and he is a great family companion.Thank you so much for the time you spent with our family. Your breeding program is very impressive and the quality of your puppies and parents is amazing!'  Steve. KY.
Noah at 4 1/2 months old.
Large Old World style German Shepherds
Light eyed German Shepherds
 Manny at 7 months
Gus at 1 year. Black and Silver German Shepherd. 
 Sissy/Mikki L2
Caleb at 7 weeks old. Lives in OH with Dakota, a Daisy/Sammy pup.
See many of our other longhaired pups growing up here!  
Vegas and Nakita live together in MA. 5 months. 
 Need Lakota NJ.   
Lars at 7 months old. PA.  'Lars is doing great. I mean he's truly the smartest, most handsome and well behaved GSD I've ever seen.
My family and I are forever grateful for the time you spent with us and for the type and quality breed you have. Tom and Lisa'
Coated German Shepherds
Daisy at 1 year 2 months old has very light eyes! Lives w/Maggie- Zoe/Bear puppy.CA.
"He's proud to have discovered how to put two balls in his mouth at once, so we're working on three at a time now. He weighs 93 at 9 months. He loves kids, dogs and old folks, too. His head is huge, so if that's any indication of his body size, there's still lots more growing to come.  He's playful, mindful and considerate. He is one of the best dogs we have ever had. William"
Wilson 7 months.
August with his  Holee Roller Ball. -They LOVE them!- at 7 months. Lives in FL.
Kona. 7 months.Black and Silver German Shepherd. IL.
Caleb at  1 year. Was 96 lbs at 7 months.  
Lana 6 months old-75 pounds! Standard coat. PA. 
Natasha. Long coat. 5 weeks. PA.
Duke. Long coat. 5 weeks. GA.
Gretchen/Dallas Pups
Wilson at 4 months old and his famous C-D! LOL! 
At 1 year Wilson was- 30 inches tall -105 lbs. Almost 1 1/2 now. 
Lana 4 months. PA.  
Logan 11 weeks old. 
"Wilson is quite the charmer, very outgoing, never met a stranger and eager to please. The 20-week socialization schedule you gave us was followed to the letter (except for fording a stream when it was too cold).William."
"I looked at a lot of sites before selecting a breeder.  None of those dogs had the eyes like your dogs.  I am particularly impressed by all of your dogs, I have met them in person and they are all  kind, gentle and so very intelligent animals with wonderful personalities.  Each one of them is very special. 
My husband has always told me that when looking for a dog or a puppy  look at their eyes.  The eyes of a dog are the stairway to their soul.  The eyes will tell you the personality of the dog  whether they are kind or mean, whether they are gentle or fierce, intelligent or stubborn.  I have always followed his advice and I have four of the most wonderful dogs a person could ask for.  All have their own personality and all have the personality that their eyes told me about when I found them.   Two of them are your dogs. Sue"  
'My new trainer told me Caleb had perfect conformation and that if he ever was to pick a dog - he would be the one he would pick.
Beautifully shaped head - ears that match his head, body size stocky and legs that are very thick-tree trunk legs!  He said that he was a perfect specimen of a Long Coated GSD. He has a beautiful tail and a perfect v on this chest. Sue'
"Dave and I can't believe how absolutely fortunate we are to have this little girl!  She is the light of our lives and we can't bear to be away from her.Lana has met several of our friends who have come to visit her.  She has greeted everyone at the door with a wagging tale and smiling face.  Saturday we took her to the rehab center to meet her "Grandmom'"  and although I could have taken her to Mom's room, I elected to stay in the lobby to wait for Mom to be brought up.  Lana was a welcoming committee of 1 for everyone who came in the door, and there were LOTS of visitors that day.  She wagged and wagged her tail and let anyone/everyone pet her." 'GREAT JOB ROBIN FOR SOCIALIZING!!!! Sandy' "Lana hasn't shown fear of any kind since we got her.  She easily adapts to strange noises - the vacuum cleaner, "ho-hum"; the lawn mower, "now what the heck is that?" and traffic driving by when I walk her on our little country road. Sandy, we love Lana with all our hearts.  She is a godsend and is healing our hearts from the grief of losing Jenna.  She makes us laugh with her puppy antics, especially when she plays with her squeaky toys (her favorite is a squirrel) and all you hear is squeak-squeak-squeak all the time...  We think we got the pick of the litter! Robin"

huge boned German shepherds
level top lines german shepherds
straight backs german shepherds
 Koby 7 months. NY. 
Max at 5 months. Now cant make larger, will have to wait for a new pic. WI.  
"Her search drive is so strong I only have to tell her "seek" and she and her nose are off and running.  She's one of the happiest dogs I've ever met!  Lana wants to learn, I only have to show her what I want, she's so willing to please and hear "Good Girl Lana!" Robin" 
 Logan at 4 months old.
 Jake. NC.
 Duke. GA. 
 Kona-Sissy/Mikki at 10 months 100 lbs. 
NEW! Zeus 1 year old. 107 pounds months.Huge long boy!  
Actually looks a lot like Dallas! and Sissy too! VA. Another pic below right. 
Max. Almost 4 months.WI. 
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 August at almost 1 year. 
Black and Silver German Shepherds
big blocky head german shepherds
"Took Lana to the vet's this afternoon to see Dr. for a weigh-in and nail trim.  Our "little" girl (where did that puppy go?) weighs 89 lbs and the vet says she looks great -- they always love the straight backs on your Shepherds! Dr. ... also commended you on your dog's friendliness -- she said she always approaches Shepherds with caution, but our girl always walks up to the vet smiling, wagging her tail and trying to give kisses. Robin".
"Attached please find new pictures of Kona.  Kona stands at 29" at the shoulders and weighs 92lbs."(at 11 months)  "Kona is an amazing dog.  We have completed basic obedience class and have received many compliments from the trainers. This is not food training but leash training. Our local police and ranger police always stop to see Kona anytime we walk in the neighborhood or pick up my youngest from school. Kona, with his white hair around his face gives him a look of royalty. This look also commands your attention. He looks intimidating, he has a big heart and loves the attention he receives from the neighbors, police or anyone who would like to see him. We are very pleased and it is a great compliment to you. Lori" 
 Nico 3 months old.
Old Fashioned German Shepherds
 Prince-Daisy/Sammy and King-
Sissy/Mikki(another bi-color) OH
Bi colored German Shepherds
 More pics below buttons.
 Koby almost 11 months old. 
 Noah 7 months.
tree trunk legs german shepherds
 'Great job Lori! - Sandy' 
Gus at 2 years 3 months -110lbs.  
 Kodi at 1 1/2
Nico. Long coat. 5 weeks. IA.
 Noah 6 weeks old.
 Wilson at 4 months. 
Nakita 11 weeks 
 Buddi has the light eyes too!  
 Koby has the light eyes. 
 Manny 1 year.  
 Noah at 1 1/2.
 Tree Trunk Legs! 
Zeus > Just like Dally! 
 LANA 1 year old.
Natasha 1 year old(and Lana too at their Birthday party!) 
"Hi Sandy!
 When Michael walks him on Saturday at the nature preserve down the street, the volunteers come up and gush over him. The two things they comment on the most are his light eyes and color of his coat. They can't believe how beautiful his markings are and most have never seen that golden, almost reddish color. He's like the color of creme brulee. His coat IS always soft and he always smells like shampoo even tho not just bathed.
August can be left alone, he doesn't bolt out the door whenever it's opened, he doesn't knock over the garbage, or drink from the toilet, or jump up on people, or anything else obnoxious that some dogs do. When I come home from work, he jumps up on the bed and waits while I change, then rolls over for his tummy to be scratched. That gets him bonus points every time. He heels nicely, though I'm not taking the prong collar off anytime soon, and when Michael stops to talk to someone, August sits down and quietly waits.
 One last story to show how smart he is. Last night, he was playing with his tennis ball and his rope, trying, as usual, to jam all of his toys in his mouth at once. He had tennie in his mouth and picked up ropey, which fits, but not well. He dropped both toys, then picked up ropey, which fits way back in his mouth, then picked up tennie. Perfect fit. Now, I could understand him trying to figure this out if the first combination didn't work, but he was compelled to figure it out just because it didn't work well. He does this all the time, with different combinations of toys. He knows that he should pick up Holey Roller last, because he can hook that on just one tooth. Take care, Charlene."

Logan at 1 year, loves to 'leap' into the water! 
Natsha at 1.
 Zeus at 1.(Goes with litter below)
 Lars at 18 months.
 Old world style German shepherds that
 have level toplines/straight backs.
Kodi is now 121 lbs. at only 1 3/4 years old!
Logan at 1 year 10 months.
Gretch/Dal L3  Gunnar IN, Gatsby VA, Getting other pics up soon. Need pics of Turbo WI, Greta VA. 
Wilson at 2 1/2. From Sis/Mik above.
'Sandy, He is a fun loving dog - whenever he goes outside - he plays so much that he forgets that he is out there to relieve himself - then he will come back in the house and have to go out a short time after.  It's like - oh! I knew there was something I was supposed to do when I was outside. He reminds me of a typical child. I would describe Buddi  as a "dog full of joy".Buddi Bear has got the sweetest temperament - loves everyone.  He is a great dog!! Karen'
Buddi Bear at 7 months. OH
3 years old
Abbye Rose and Frisco at 6 months old. IL.  "WE DID IT! MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!!!!  After several tee-pees and cardboard removals with Abbyes and Friscos help, lol!, we were able to finally get their ears up with beautiful results!  Patience and persistance does pay off! 
We had them weighed in today and handsome Frisco is at a whopping 80-lbs., while our little Princess Abbye weighed in at 56-lbs. We are so proud of them both. Thanks again Sandy."

Koby at 2 and 111 lbs. 
Lana 3 1/2 months old
Zeus has long flowing ear fringe-fluffies-like his Auntie Summer. Sis/Mik too.