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ZOE and SISSY page
Soki and Stormy
Sissy at 13 months old-
just before blowing her coat. 
Sissy long haired German Shepherd at 2 years old. 
Zoe long haired German Shepherd at 2 years old. 
Sissy 121 pounds  27" tall at 4 years.
Zoe 2 years old.
Sissy 2 years old. 
Zoe at 1year  5 months.
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This page was last updated on: July 10, 2023
                Sissy at 2 1/2.
Sissy pregnant at 2 1/2.  
These 2 girls are very large boned German Shepherds. 
NEW- Sissy now at 3.  
 NEW Zoe 3 years old.
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We affectionately say these girls are 'big butted' girls when trying to discribe over the phone to people asking about their structure. (Stormy also). They are big boned; large heads; nice level top lines; not overly- but fairly long bodies that are wide.
 Zoe at 3. 
 NEW pics of Zoe at bottom of page. 
 Zoe 115 lbs. 26" tall.  
 New pics of  ZOE
 Notice her color still changing.
 Zoe 3. 
View down into the gorge in the park.
Tram takes people down the gorge.  
Pipestem State Resort Park in 'Wild and Wonderful' 
West Virginia-2 miles from our home. Open field in the park - usually filled with deer, turkeys, pheasant etc. 
Sissy just afler 'blowing her coat'.  13 months old.
Notice how much her color and size has changed!  :-)
Sissy and Fancy snuggling! 1 3/4  and  1 1/4 years old.
 Beautiful straight backed German Shepherds.
 These German Shepherds girls have large heads.
Zoe and Sissy's Brother Dallas and Mom Daisy and Dad Sammie.
                      Zoe and Sissy Past Puppies Page 
 Both DNA'd
Sissy at 4 years. >
New pics of Zoe at bottom of this page. 
Zoe & Sissy are from  precious Miss Daisy
Oops- didnt notice dirty nose!
Beautiful Zoe at 6 years old.