Ayer's Long Coat German Shepherds

This page was last updated on: July 10, 2023
VERY MUCH THANKS  to ALL of our Puppy Owners for providing such loving homes for our puppies! And for providing us with these spectacular  pictures of our full grown mature Puppers!!!
Dog Breeders Specializing in long coat German Shepherd Puppies
 Some of My Full Grown Now Past Puppies
Pepper a Daisy/Dryphus pup at 3 1/2 years old. KY."... Best bloodlines I think I've ever had!...I will never buy another shepherd unless I get one from you! Robby"
  Old Fashioned/Old World Style German Shepherds 
                 Straight Level Backs/Toplines.  
Please send me your new pictures so we can display pictures of your beautiful full grown Pupper and so every one can see their Pups siblings! Thank u! :-) 
Gretchen Soki/Sammy silver sable girl at just over 3 years and 
105 pounds. MD.Gretchen is a 'big butted' girl! (ground is slightly slanted.) 
I LOVE the masks; and 'clown' :-) eyes!!!! (eyes with white around them)
Dakota girl at 3 years old. Dais/Sam.  BBG too! 'Big butted girl' too. OH
Bailey. Daisy/Sammy pup."Dear Sandy,...He is four, and he is the most wonderful, intelligent, loyal, gentle and protective constant companion. I adore him. ...Hope all is well. Bailey is such a wonderful, special fellow. You have every right to be proud of him. All Best, Joan"  

Dakota, Daisy/Sam. She sure does resemble her precious mommy! 
Caleb, Sis (dais/sam) / Mikki (pip/tob) pup-still growing! Live together. 
Trooper. Daisy/Dryphus pup. He has the mask too! 125 pounds. WV.
Ellie. Daisy/ Sammy girl. 4 years old, 27" and 110 pounds.
Mr Kizer. Stormy/Mikki 
Cajun at 3. Daisy/Sammy. Looking like daddy Sammy!! TN
Jerzie at 2. Zoe/Mikki. Not grown up yet. Can. 
Sammy's dad, Amor Jah, 
is Peppers great,
great, granddad and they have the same face mask! 
My Sammy at 5.
More past puppy pics
The big butts!
Mr Wilson at 4 years old 120 lbs.     
"Sandy, It's so hard to believe it has been four years since we were at your place to pick up Wilson...    The highlight of his day is going to work with Craig... and to the post office where everyone recognizes him. He hangs his head out the truck's window ready for a pat from those who aren't intimidated by the "bear in the car." Thanks also to his green bean diet," (with his dry dog food) "he's the right weight now at 120 pounds; I presume we will always have to monitor his waistline. Wm." (to keep him from being too big)

Mr. Caleb. Daisy/Sammy
Mr.Lars - Daisy/Sammy.
Miss Sissy has the mask too! Daisy/Sam
Lucy at 1/1/2 years  Sissy Bear
Sabian. Gretch/Dally boy.
Maxie. Stormy/Bear puppy.
Zo Zo at 6 years old.