Bear's Page
Bear is a longcoat German Shepherd-black and silver. (NEWER PICS-at bottom) He had just blown his coat in first pic. Pippi/Jobe pup.
He was only 1 year and 1 month.
 Bear is Shiloh and German bloodlines.
2 years 5 months old

Ayer's Long Coat German Shepherds
Bear longhaired German Shepherd. 1 year 3 months. 
Breeder of Longcoat German Shepherd Dogs
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This page was last updated on: July 10, 2023
Now 116 lbs. 29 1/2" tall.
1.5 years
Almost 3 years old.
3 years old. 
Despite Bears GREAT size he is extreamy agile!!! 
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Bear now at 6.
The hose is really not down his throat! lol! 
but behind his head.