Ayer's Long Coat German Shepherd Puppies
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This page was last updated on: July 10, 2023
VERY MUCH THANKS to ALL our puppy owners for providing such loving homes for our puppies. AND for all the wonderful            pictures you send to us that we sooo LOVE to see!!
 Dodger 118 pounds. Dais/Sam. MA.
Mr. Kizer 108 at 1 1/2 years old. Storm/Mikki. SC.
Dog Breeder Specializing in Old Fashioned Style German Shepherd Puppies
Kudzu. Pip/Sam puppy. SC.
 King sizeGerman Shepherd Kiz. Almost 2. 123 pounds.
Quin.'Quin is a Velcro dog when it comes to children. Quin loves our neice (the baby in the picture). All of 82 lbs. and she is as gentle as a lamb with her. Lynn'  FL. At 8 months old. Storm/Mik. FL.

Zeus. Summer/Mikki Boy at 1 year old. Looking just like Summer with rich color from Mikki.
Draeco is here!!! Pippi/Toby boy. 
  Dakota 2 years and Caleb 1 1/2 years.  Daisy/Sammy and Sisy/Mikki pups/Mikki. OH.
Rumson 11 months old. Storm/Mikki. She looks soo much like her Grandma Pippi and has her Grandpa Samsons face markings! Chewy's sister- below.
Kiz at 2. 
Dakota. Dais/Sam. 123 lbs.  NJ. 
Jack. Spencer/Sammy. VA. Spitting image of Sammy!!!
Mr Wilson. Sissy/Sammy. 2 years 6 months. VA.
Wonderful mask! Mr. Pepper. Very plush coat. Daisy/Dryphus. KY.
Chewbacca. Canada. Storm/Mik. 13 months and over 100 pounds. Chewy is Rumsons brother- right above. Canada.
Monty at 1 year. Zora/Dallas boy. 
We are currently looking for a few SELECT 'Forever Yours' Permanent Foster/Breeding Homes for 1 adult girl and 1 adult boy.  We are also looking for 'Fosters' for a puppy as we are retiring some of our girls soon. Foster Families do not usually pay for their Puppy/Dog and the Puppy/Dog will be theirs to keep forever.(or pay a reduced price since they are helping me keep my lines I want to help them) We are very selective in who we choose to allow to become a foster family. The foster owners go through a detailed selection process. Must live within, or not much farther than, 100 mile radius- 2 hours or less-(occasional exceptions) of Lerona, West Virginia and be willing to participate in our breeding program with a exclusive breeding rights contract. For males would be possibly very occasional stud use, for females inquire.
Younger Kiz
Quin. Still growing too! 1 year and 2 months old.
Kaiser's sister. Same breeding, different litter. 
Arko  Soki/Sammy. 
Large German Shepherds girl -Jenna, Summer/Mikki, at only 14 months. VA
Mr. Cooper. Storm/Mikki.
Tory- Summer/Mikki pup at 2.-Just like sweet grandma Daisy- and Mikki too!! 
Most Recent Past Puppy Pics
 Dakota. Stormy/Bear boy at only 10 months old!
I love the 'clown' eye markings Jerzie has! Canada
Great war paint cheek markings! Mr. Kizer
Mr. Caleb
Very unusual!! 1/2 of Sweeties face is black and 1/2 is golden! 
Some  wonderful unusual Markings.
Dakota at 2 and as a pup. Daisy Sammy girl.
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Mr. Dodger. Sammy mask
Miss Dakota.Daisy Sammy.OH.  
Miss Cagney.
Bear NJ. Soki/Dallas 1 1/2 years old and 1 year old. Now his thighs are gold too says his mommy.
Bear(above) as a pup. Note color changes.
9 weeks old.
Miss Jenna at just 14 months! VASummer/Mikki girl.
Another Kizer! Sissy/Bear
Miss Moxie w/ her 2 different colored eyes!
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