Spencer and Fancy
Sammy is a very longcoat German Shepherd. He is almost 4 years old now. He is a black and rich deep red. 
Dallas and Mikki
Samson (DNA'd) and Thunder's Page
Sammy, coated GSD, at 10 months old. 
At 1 1/2 years old out hiking. 
Breeders of  longcoat German Shepherd Dogs
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This page was last updated on: July 10, 2023
140 lbs.  in pictures near middle of page. 29 1/2" tall. (Now have Sammy down to120 in top pics) 
black and red long coat german shepherd
black and red german shepherd
Sammy is a very gentle boy. He is very eager to please. 
 His massive head and huge bone structure is evident in these pictures.  He has tree trunk legs with huge bear like paws. 
german shepherds with broad square muzzles
longcoat red sable german shepherds
heavy boned german shepherds
 8 months old.
4 months. After swiming at the lake. 
5 months.
 98 pounds at 10 months.
6 months. 
9 weeks. 
 Kiest Haus lines
11 months
3 months- with Zora.
 MORE pics of Thunder on Dogs in Motion Page. 
5 months.
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giant german shepherds
Notice - NEW pics at bottom of page.  
 Sammy resembles the old fashioned German Shepherds - the old world German Shepherds.
 Thunder is a red sable German Shepherd.
 MORE NEW pics of Sammy below the home buttom at the bottom of the page. 
We were not happy about the way the color came out in these pics but wanted to get up some new ones anyway. Sammy is a very rich red that is not evident in these new pics. Was a very 'hazy' day.  
 MORE NEW pics  below the home button. 
 Sammy has beautiful amber eyes. 
 3 brand new pictures of Sammy.
Gentle Giants
Sam still at 140 lbs. here
Sam still at 140 lbs. here. Put him on a diet and got him to lose weight.
My beloved Sammy