Ayer's Long Coat German Shepherds 
        Plush coated German Shepherds by dog breeder                  'specializing' in plush coat German Shepherds
                            Felldoh 1 year old!  WY. 
"She fell asleep at the vets and the vet said she is in great health and was impressed with everything you do and the records you sent and of course Felldoh's temperament. Nancy"
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Very  MUCH THANKS to ALL our puppy owners for providing such loving home to all our puppies. 
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Blizzard at 10 weeks old. PA. We have exclusive breeding rights to Blizzard. 
Stormy/Mikki Puppies
Bergen-sable. CO.
Ivory/Ivy at 7 weeks old. Lives in WA with Otis a Pippi/Sammy pup.
Ginger.RI. At 4 months old and already swimming!!!
"Hi Sandy,Ginger is terrific!! The photo is from one of our days at the lake. She had just come out of the water. She has really taken to it, and was swimming in the ocean today! Jeanne."

   Tasha was thirsty!! 
Felldoh at almost 4 months old. 
NEW Kizer at  7 1/2 months is 106 pounds! 
What a neat 'V' on Kizers chest!!!  SC
 Kizer 7 months.
Tasha, Stormy/Mikki. Black and Silver German Shepherd. at 6 months. Cant make larger. GA.
"She really is winning our hearts quickly... Thank you for all your advice.  I don't think it would have been such a nice trasition to have her without all your education.  Ginger is terrific!! Jeanne

 Bliz 7 months 91 pounds. 
 Bliz 3 1/2 months. 
 Bergan and her Kitty at 1 year.  
 Kiz - almost 1 year. 
 Ginger at 1 year old.
 Felldoh on right- 1 year.. 
Kudzu(Pippi/Sam)and Kizer getting together for a play date!
Stormy/Mikki L2
Quin, girl, 10 weeks. FL.
Need: Tramp IN, Timber CA 
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 Stormy is a Soki/Sammy daughter.
Bliz at 1 1/2 years old. 106 pounds.
Chi ID. Absolutely no fear, of people or dogs, and he has met many more...everyone loves him. He is doing well with sit and automatically sitting on leash..very smart and fun and loves his huge soccer ball. His fur is becoming a very light butter color, with a white star on his chest and a black mask - just beautiful. He met a new friend on Saturday-a grumpy cattle dog who he made friends with in 2 minutes, and they went swimming in the Koi pond - he loves chasing fish (and eating fish, too).Eats well, in fact, would eat all the time if we would let him, and he is actually pretty rangy now, as we don't want him to get chubby. He is still eating mostly raw with some kibble at lunch, and loves all kinds of raw fruit and vegetables, except tomatoes.Thank you again..he has brought us such joy...I'll give the golden wonder a hug for you..all the best. Renee

2 months and 4 1/2 months.
Belle NC.
 Quin at 20 weeks.
 Quin at 6 months old. 
 All AKC German Shepherds 
 Very plush coat.
Gus. FL. 7 months.
Felldoh at 2 years old.
 Gus 9 months old.
Mr Cooper -above and on the left. 
97 pounds at 7 months old. 
NEW Rumson!!! 10 months old. NY. Surely resembeling Grandma Pippi! and Grandpa Sammy face markings too!
<Samson FL. Looks just like his sister Quin!
Hello...just a quick holiday hello. Chi is quite extraordinary at 6.5 months, with lush golden fur tipped with black, and an amazingly long and full tail.  He was 75 lbs at 6 months, quite large but still lean and has lots of loose skin to grow into.  He goes to work every day with Dad feeding the Elk and loves to run like the wind in the mountains and the snow. He had a few days of pano, which we treated with a wonderful herbal concoction that made it go away in a day, but he was checked by the traditional vet who said he was tremendously strong and healthy, beautiful straight back, with a lovely temperament and personality. He is so well socialized that he has never met a dog or human that he doesn't like. Altogether, a prince. Renee'

Sandy , Chewy-13 months old -slightly over 100 lbs.-gorgeous if I must say so myself-everyone just loves him. Dr.Scott"
Gus 9 mo. 
Dakota, Storm/Bear 4 months old. FL. 
Maxie at 4 months.
Maxie at 10 weeks.                  
Nikki, Stormy/Bear girl, 6 months. NC
Stormy/Bear pups
Nikki, is a silver sable
Dakota at just 10 months old.