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Nadia. At 11 weeks old. Iowa. IA.
Plush coated german shepherd Kudzu at 7 months old. SC.
Very much thanks  to all our puppy owners for providing such loving homes to our puppies.
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Otis lives in WA. with Ivy a Stormy/Mikki pup. 
Mesa 11 weeks old. RI.
Mesa is already swimming too- prior to 4 months old!
 Pippi/Sammy Puppies
Mikki at 2 years old. WV.
Mikki at 1 year 7 months. 
Draeco at 7 months and 85 pounds. VA.. 
Gretchen at 19 months. WV.
Scout - at 5 months - goes just about everywhere with Sherrie-even to work! Sherrie writes, "She is my constant companion and even though I didnt want to love another dog she has won my heart! She is beautiful and getting bigger and bigger!.." NC.
Zurg at 14 months. Now 120 lbs. Lives in WV. 
Luna at 4 months old. VA.
Pippi/Toby Pups
'I still can not get over how amazing your dogs behaved and how stunning each one of them is. He's really so sweet. Thank you for showing us the benefits to our pick when you said he would be better for us because he's very outgoing. You were right, and we couldn't imagine how any of the other picks would've turned out(of course, we think we got the best one!)  I'm going to add something to your guestbook on your website when I get the chance.  I want to choose my words carefully, so that visitors of your website can truly understand the power of your dogs without seeing them in person!  Nidhi '
Wolfgang at 10 months wearing his training tab. Good job Nidhi!  
Does Kudzu love balls?!
'I appreciate your assistance and expertise. It is a pleasure to do business with people that make their customers feel as if they are a priority. Service, quality, and value are still as important today as they were 30 years ago.  I simply can't express enough how impressed I am with the presentation of your dogs. You should be commended on putting forth a conscious effort to display your dogs/pups in such a 'quality' manner. Teresa Dettmer Iowa. IA.'
Wolfgang at almost 4 months old. NY
Wolfgang 10 months
100 pounds, 28" tall.10 months old.
 Nadia at 11 months. Pippi/Sammy
Mikki has a vey plush coat. 3 years old.
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 Gretch 5 months.
"Thank you for the articles and your time with us yesterday, Sandy. I can't tell you how special it is that you are available...a year later to help us out! Thanks, again.Nidhi" 
Mesa at almost 1 year old. She is looks just like her Momma Pippi!! but structure just like Daddy Sammy! Mom says she has legs like tree trunks! Very plush coat.

 Nadia at 7 months old
Mesa at 4 months old loving the water!!! - Where we used to take all our dogs swimming before moving to WV.
Donna liked him just the way he was!  :-)  
and didnt want to glue/help up ears. 
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 Mikki at 3 months.
 Mikki at 2. 
Kudzu and Kizer(Storm/Mikki) getting together for a play date! 
 Kudzu. 106 pounds 1 year few months.
 2 years.
Kudzu and Nadia looking just alike! 
Very plush coat German Shepherd
Draeco is here! Looking just like Pippi and Toby!  
Draeco. Pip/Tob.
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