Our Boys
German Shepherd Toby standard coat
German Shepherd longcoat Daisy
Daisy. 5 years old. American lines. 98 lbs. 25 1/2" tall. Our first longcoat and my very 'special' favorite girl! This is why we have so many here from her! Retired.
Gentle Soki. At 2 years. Full Shiloh lines. Silver sable German Shepherd. 27" tall. Gentle, graceful and lithe. Feels like silk! 
Samson. 4 years old. Shiloh and   German bloodines. 130 lbs. 29 1/2" tall.  Old fashioned style German Shepherds.
A huge gentle loveable boy! 
Mikki. 2 1/2 years old. 1/2 German and 1/2 Shiloh bloodlines. Pippi/Toby boy. 27" tall. Happy boy!
Dallas. 1 3/4 years old in pic. American and German and some Shiloh lines. He is on Daisy/Sammy pup. At 6 years- 118 lbs. 28 1/2" tall.  VERY gentle! My shadow. The soccer king!
Toby. 3 1/2 years old. Huge German
-Full German-German Shepherd. Working lines German Shepherd- West German. Buesecker-Schloss, Blitsaerd and Karthago lines mainly- plus more. Of 127 dog pedigree, all Schutzhund titled except 9. 'Awsometemperament!  114 pounds, 27 1/2" tall.
Bear. In pic 3 years old. 1/2 German and 1/2 Shiloh lines. Pippi is his mom. Now 118 lbs. 29 1/2" tall. More pics on Bears page on and 'Our Dogs in Motion page'. Bear is a Gentle Giant! Calm!
Eli. At 2 1/2 years old. 1/2 German and 1/2 American lines. Daisy/Dryphus pup. 122 lbs. 28" tall. Very large boned German Shepherd. Loves to play soccer. 
Little. 3 years old. 1/2 German and 1/2 American lines. Daisy/Toby pup. 122 lbs. 28 1/2" tall. Big boned German Shepherd. VERY laid back.
Summer. 3 1/2 years old. Daisy's full sister. Later litter. 86 lbs. 24 1/2". Our second LC and 2nd favorite girl!  Summer is a SWEET girl and some what of a clown! Loves to toss the balls in the air to herself! (no pink nose! only a reflection-u can go to her page) Retired.
Gentle Pippi3 years old. Full Shiloh lines. Black and silver German Shepherd. 86 lbs. 27" tall. My other shadow! Now retired.
Spencer. 3 years old. German and American lines. 86 lbs. 24". Most affectionate girl!
Zoe. At 2 years old.  American and German lines. 112 lbs. 26" tall. Now 116 lbs.
Sissy 3 years old. American and German lines. 
120 lbs. 26 1/2" tall.
Emmy  Kris's girl. 2 years old. 25 1/2" tall. Plush German Shepherds. Quite active happy girl! Loves to romp and play!
About Us
Zoe, Sissy, Emmy, and Dallas are full sisters and brother from Daisy and Sammy. There are more pics of them on Daisy/Sammy past puppies' page.
Gretchen. 2 1/2 years. 1/2 German and 1/2 Shiloh lines. She is on 'Available puppies page'. Now 85 lbs. 26" tall. Sweet, gentle! playful girl.
Gretchen  Retired- Standard coat. Pippi/Toby girl.
Some of these pictures are linked to 1 picture. Most of the dogs have their own page with many more pictures on them if you go to the Home Page and click on each dogs individual button or their name below.
German Shepherd long haired Spencer
standard coat
Soki longhaired german shepherd
Fancy.  Melissa's girl. Spencer/Sammy girl. At 2 1/2 years old, 86 lbs. 25 1/2" tall. Not full grown yet. Very affectionate girl!   
Little long coat german shepherd
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Our Girls and Our Boys
Eli at 1 1/2.
Our dogs are VERY affectionate! With the people who come to our home as well, after we tell them its 'okay' and to 'make friends'. In the spring, summer and fall they do love, love, LOVE!!!! to swim!  They enjoy doing agility in our yard -tunnel, jumps, dog walk, weave poles, etc. Adding an A-frame this year for them as well. They enjoy going to childrens parks to go on the slides, see saws, merry go rounds, and swinging bridges. Some of them really enjoy when we do hide and find games or when we have recently started laying some small tracks. When we play 'blowing bubbles' they espcially love jumping up to catch them. Of course they all LOVE going for rides in the car. Most of the time when we go out, 3-5 come with!  We take them just about every where we go, flea markets, outdoor concerts, fairs and even into Lowes/Home Depots! They all even love going to the vets!!! They love to go hiking in the State Parks. Almost all of our puppies live in homes with children and even though we dont have small children anymore our dogs are socialized to and get along wonderfully with children that come to our home with their parents to see the puppies. Almost ALL of our puppies live in families with children. Our dogs are naturally protective and they DO bark and alert us when strangers approach the house. 
Pregnant in pic above. Retired. 
Our Gentle Family Companions and Natural Protectors
standard coat
Gentle giant German Shepherd girls too!!!
I have exclusive breeding rights to Kari's boys from Ayer's. Kizer, & Grizz SC, (Stormy/Mikki pup & Fancy/Bear pup),
Our boys already are 115-130 pounds. Our girls are 86-116 lbs. (Exception-Emmy & Mikki) 
Zora and Thunder at 4 months. 2 more GENTLES!

My "SHILOH bloodlines" dogs come from AKC German Shepherds that were used in 'originating' the Shiloh Shepherds. My dogs are not Shiloh Shepherds - or King Shepherds. 

(This information notice notice has been on my site since it was first put up with the wording never changed and I am very good and thorough at explaining this to anyone who inquires.)
Zora NOW at 2 years old. Summie/Dally girl.  
ALL of my Boys and Girls are ABOVE the AKC Standard Height which is: AKC - Females 22"- 24"    
                                 Mine 24 1/2" -  27"
        Males      24"- 26"    Mine 26"-  30"
For the next few months we will ONLY be able to answer phone phone calls, no e-mails- Thank You for understanding.  :-) 304-384-8884.
 Our puppies/dogs have 'Soft  Expressions' 
It would be unrealistic to think we can accurately predict or 'guarantee' a certain size and we do not. We have had female puppies that when full grown at 3 1/2 years old have been from 74 pounds to 122 pounds with the majority of Females being 86-115 pounds.  Males from 85-140 with the majority being 110-125 pounds. (full grown weights)
Miss Stormy- Soki/Sammy daughter, Silver Sable. 27"  tall - 114 pounds.  Very, very gentle and calm. Old fashioned style German Shepherds
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 Daisy 4 1/2 years.
 Sissy 2 years old.
 Sissy 2 1/2 years.
All of our longcoat Giant German Shepherds and Oversized longcoat German Shepherds
 Our Girls
 E- 4 years old.
 E at 3. 
 E at 2 above and 3 years >. 
Golden sable German Shepherds too!
Zora at almost 2 years. 95 lbs. 105 now. Retired.
We have exclusive breeding rights to Gus, Richards's boy, above. 1 1/2 years old. Wisconsin. Soki/Dallas. 

<And Dakota, Cheryl's boy. NJ. Daisy/Sammy. 123 lbs. 

And to Kari's Mr. Kaiser as well- pic at 2 years. Now 118 pounds at 4. South Carolina. Storm/Mikki
And Glory camping, Kathy's girl,sable girl, at 8 months in pic. Soki/Dallas. Pennsylvania. 
Fancy. Melissa's girl.
Sis and Fancy snuggling. 
Not all of these dogs live at my home now. Some of my pups I have exclusive breeding rights to.

Blossom at 1 year. Summer/Mikki. fostered w/Sue H. VA.
Ocean at 1 year. Stormy/Bear.
new counter up 1 09
Reba above at 2 yr. & Rosa below at 1 1/2, Zora/Mikki girls fostered w/Sara W. WV
Short coat girl fostered w/Buffy in TN. Rosa/Eli girl.