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Summer at 1 1/2 years old. 79 lbs. with my daughter.

Summer is a black and red longcoat German Shepherd. She is Daisy's full sister from a later litter. Summie is 88 lbs. 24 1/2" tall now at 3 1/2 years. DNA'd 
Daisy 3 years, Summer 2 year, and Little.(Daisy/Toby pup)
Summer and Daisy  at 2 1/2 and 3 1/2.
Summie at 7 months.
Zoe & Sissy
SUMMIE at 3 years.
Ayer's Long Coat German Shepherds
Summer at 3 pregnant in pic.
Breeder of long coat German Shepherds has puppies for sale.  
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Summie at 4 and pregnant in picture above.
Summer at 4 years old- pregnant in picture above. 
NEW Precious Summer. Almost 4.
 Summer at 4.
 Summie at 4. 
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 Summer's Past Puppies Page
 Summer is full sister to Daisy (different litter)