Daisy's Puppies from Past Litters
Heidi at 1 year 2 months. - 110 lbs. Lives in WV.
Daisy/Toby pups          
Momma and her babies.
Little, longhaired German Shepherd, at 2 1/2 years. Lives in WV.
Buddy at 5 months. Lives in WV.
Daisy/Dryphus pups.   
Dallas at 17 months- almost 1 1/2 years old. WV.
Zoe at 17 months. WV. NEW pics on Zoe's page. 
Emmy at 17 months. WV.
NEW pic of Cody at 2 years. VA.
Sissy at 2 years. WV.
Hanna at 11 months. Lives in SC.
JW at 11 months. FL. "JW is wonderful. He is huge.  27" tall and very long.  His body structure is beautiful. His coloring is beautiful and his tail is magnificent. My son has bought a house with a fenced back yard so some time soon I'll be in touch with you for another puppy.  5:30 is his wake up time. He comes into the bedroom and gives Dick a big wet lick in the face to get him up.  Off they go on their walk and then it is play ball time for the next hour or so. He is quite a character. Got to go....JW is carrying one of my potted pineapple plants across the backyard and I need to go rescue it! " 'Cant find words to tell you how much we enjoy and love him!' Jeanne
Foxy at 2 years. Lives in WV. 
Foxy at 9 months. 
Trooper at 2 years. Lives in WV.
Tessa at 1 1/2 years.
Eli at 4.
Soki's Past Puppies
Daisy/Sammy pups. 
"Sandy, I gotta tell you that this dog absolutely takes my breath away when I look at her. She is so striking.... and she continues to have a personality unmatched by any dog I've ever owned.Sandy, I gotta tell you that this dog absolutely takes my breath away when I look at her. She's friendly without being "in your face" and she is responding so well to the clicker training that I have a tough time planning the steps I want to cover in each session... she's such a quick study! I really work to stay ahead of her! I know she'll be titled before Darby... Gary absolutely adores Hannah... he gets annoyed when Darby nudges in on their time together.  He told me that "this was the kind of dog he always wanted."   Nice job, Sandy!   (He's never said that about any dog we've owned) ..... her coat glistens in the sunshine.... like black diamonds. I almost hate to see her lose this silky puppy coat...  She has started teething, but is good about sticking to chew toys and her bones .She's no longer crated at night... sleeps under my bed and wakes me in the morning when she has to go outside. She doesn't jump on the bed, just puts her paws up and then rests her head near my pillow. Darby sleeps in the recliner in our room and has stopped making wake-up calls a contest (Hannah would be so polite about asking to go out and Darby would leap onto the bed one-ups-manship style... *sigh*) Now Darby just waits for me to get up, then we all head for the back door.  You have a lot to be proud of... and one of them is part of my family! Warmly, Robin"  
Dog Trainer. Polite Paws, SC. 

Pepper a Daisy/Dryphus pup at 6 months "... Best bloodlines I think I've ever had!...I will never buy another shepherd unless I get one from you! Robby"
 Longhaired German Shepherd Dog Breeders
Cajun at 1 year 3 months old. Lives in FL.
The 'Dude' at 9 months. Looking just like Dallas!! Lives in IA.
Jessie at 8 months. Looks like Momma too! Lives in MI.
Pepper at 2 years. KY.
Adults for Sale
Dallas at 1 3/4 years. 
Zenia at 1 year old. Lives in VA
Jake at 1 year. OH.
Ayer's Long Coat German Shepherds
Buddy at 2 years. WV
Daisy/Sammy pups. 
Cody at 10 months.
VERY MUCH THANKS to ALL of our puppy owners for providing such loving homes for our puppies.
Hanna at 10 months.
'Hi Sandy.  Thanks for your call.  Yes, I did tell... about you and all the wonderful pups.  He saw Cody last Friday night as I was walking him and he was just amazed at the size of Cody.  Cody is just the most beautiful and handsome dog I have ever owned.  His personality is great, humorous and a joy to have as my companion.  His favored activity is playing ball and he makes a great goalie!  Someday we will come down to visit you.  Elke'
"Emma is doing great! Emma is playful, curious, very affectionate, quite smart, and loves everyone! We love her dearly. She is truly a wonderful family dog. Everyone who comes in contact with her comments on what a beautiful dog she is and how great & stable her personality is. My dog trainer is particularly impressed. Diane"
Dodger at 2 years old. 118 lbs. NEW! pic at bottom of page.  
Gary wrote, "I have bred and trained many Shepherds but this puppy is a winner. I am amazed at the good comformation of your dogs. Great head. Super coat. Wonderful temperament. His steady front and straight back are very nice. He looks good coming and going. You did me a great service by sending him to me for my own pet." 

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Emmy 2 years in 3 pictures. 25 1/2" tall. Currently- 3 1/2. 
Hanna 11 months and Stuart Little.
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Emma 12 weeks.
Dallas at 2 years. 
Cody at 1 1/2.
Dallas at 2. 
Dallas at 1 1/2 years old. 
'I have an exceptionly well adjusted, companion. Quite possibly the poster child for your site...I'm looking forward to being spending alot of quality years interacting with my best friend. James" 
 Pepper full grown! Cant make pic bigger.
 "Cajun is a happy and healthy one year old. We are inseperable for the most part and that suits me just fine, I think he gets a little tired of me but has great distractions to relieve him from constant companion duty. He has several children that range in age from 4 to 9 that come over to play with him and they usually bring thier own dogs in tow so he has quite the following. I have actively encouraged all types of interaction with different, age, shape & size people and he hasn't had anyone yet that he didn't like. James" "GREAT JOB SOCIALIZING James! Sandy"
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Dodger from litter above. 
Looks just like Sammy!!
ELLIE at 1 year old. OH 
Jessie. Looking like momma Daisy!!!
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 E at 3. 
 Dallas at 3 years old. More new pics on Dallas's page.
Zoe 3>
 <Dally 2 years.
 Dally 3.
           Old fashioned style German Shepherds - 
German Shepherds with straight backs - level top lines  
 Cody at 121 pounds.
 Cody at 3.
Emma at 1 year old.
Baily!!! at 2 years 9 months.
'Emma loves children and let Rachel roll all over her! Diane'
Jessie at 1 1/2.
Beautiful Emmy.