Ayers Long Coat German Shepherds
Spectacular Boys and Girls that live elsewhere that  my breeding boys and girls have produced  and in the future  may  be used  in my breeding program. 
(These Pups if bred, will only be bred with our dogs-no outside dogs)   
  Kuma 10 months.            Zoe/Bear
        Soki/Dallas                           GOLDEN SABLE BOY
                    GUS Soki/Dallas 
    Black/Cream boy at 10 months above.
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Future Litters
GUS ck 
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Hans 1 year.
 SStormy- Silver Sable- 4 pics>
 Silver Sable
 Grey Sable- 2 weeks old.
Some examples of our Rare long coat Silver Sables, Golden Sables,       Red Sables and Grey Sables and White long coat German Shepherds.  
 Penny 6 months
Some of the examples of pups below are in our breeding dogs and some belong to puppy owners. 
 Sadie, Black/Cream 
Pippi-Old Fashioned Black and Silver.
 Blizzard and Ivory- 6 weeks. 
                 7 months 90 pounds!  
 We expect by the time Bliz is  done growing at 3 years old  that he will be about at least 120 pounds. Bliz is a very  gentle boy.  
Blizzard and Ivory have the beautiful RARE 'Biscuit' points of color on their ears, tail, body.
Soki is a very unique  color of silver sable. sab
Chewy at just 1 year 3 months. Red Sable. Gentle Chewy has his CGC- Canine Good Citizen.  GREAT job Denise!!  
 'Soft Expressions' 
Thunder at11 months old-                  Red Sable
Kizer at 2 years.  120 pounds. Stormy/Mikki. SC.
Golden Sable puppies.

 7 months
 1 year
1 year 6 months.
4 months
 123 pounds. NJ.
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5 months
   GLORY 9 months. PA
Silver Sable-Soki/Dallas
Grizz Fancy/Bear