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Precious Daisy
Soki and Stormy
Pippi and Gretchen
Spencer and Fancy long haired German Shepherds
Toby Full German
Available plush coat German Shepherd Puppies for sale
Soki and Candy pups
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Graduate of National K-9 School for Dog Trainers, Columbus Oh.
Huge German Shepherd Little
          Level Straight Backs  ~  Soft to Medium Temperaments
     Most adult dogs have ball drive and love to swim
Dallas and Mikki
            EXCEPTIONAL, HEALTHY, Happy Puppies 
      The Ultimate Family Companions and Protectors!
3 attributes of long coat German Shepherds
Spencer and Fancy longcoat German Shepherds pups
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Daisy pups
More Available Puppys for sale
After coming to my home literally just about every single person comments on how they cant believe how friendly the dogs are to them and the 2nd thing they say is they cant believe how well the dogs all get along with each other! Ask that of our references!
Candy has gone to live with a small breeder in VA. who comments: 
"It was very nice to meet you, and all of those beautiful dogs! Thanks for showing them to me. Your dogs temperaments are wonderful!  Your dogs are playful, curious, show no signs of aggression toward strangers, and they are able to be loose with so many other dogs without a fight. You're doing a pretty darn good job from everything I've seen. Thanks, Virginia W."  Virginias Pride Kennels. New Owner/Breeding Candi. 

Meet ALL Our Boys and Girls
Available Adult German Shepherds
Sissy and Gretchen pups
Pics of some Past Puppies
Summer pups
past litters!
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Zoe and Sissy
  A QUALITY PUPPY is not EXPENSIVE-                               it is PRICELESS! 
 My Adults are OVERSIZED Large German Shepherds compared to AKC standards
Black & silver
Silver sable
 only place puppies in homes where they will live inside   and be a part of the family.
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Gentle Giants - Yet  Protective
Easily Trainable
 Most of my puppies live with families with children.
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2 standard coats
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  Certified Dog Trainer  Sandy Ayer 
Samson 130 pound German Shepherd
Stormy pups
 BREEDER with INTEGRITY and who values the Golden Rule

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For a puppy you will always cherish and treasure. 
Our Dogs in Motion
Rare Gold & Silver  SABLES too
Pippi plush coat German Shepherd puppies
Dallas- A Sammy son-long coat German Shepherd too!
Poems & pet loss
'Past Puppies' Playing
Sammy- our largest longcoat German Shepherd
My Shiloh 'bloodline' dogs come from the AKC German Shepherds that were used in originating the Shiloh Shepherds. My dogs are NOT Shiloh Shepherds!
Our 'MOST RECENT' PAST Puppy Pictures
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long coat German Shepherd Wilson
A pup from my Sissy/MIKKI breeding. 105 pounds at 1 year. 
Father and Son. Sammy and Dallas
  Large German Shepherds
Zoe & Sissy Pups
       My dogs have  'Soft  Expressions' 
Pet loss poem
(and other poems)
*For Sale: NEED TO DOWNSIZE. Due to family health issues, to loving homes. 1 adult Male just turned 3 years old. Also 1.8 year old black n tan Female. Only able to keep a few dogs now. :-((  Serious PHONE inquiries only pleaseNo Shiping. Located in WV. ADULTS. All long haired.