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Just wanted to take the time at the first of the new year here to thank all of you who keep in touch with us through out the year from 1 time a year- (which is fine)- to quite a few  times during the year-which is VERY fine! :-)   - letting us know how our pups are doing and growing and sending pictures! We do LOVE hearing from you and hearing about how our pups are doing and growing and are so greatly appreciative of your staying in touch with us and do so enjoy hearing from you all!!! I know every one is very busy with their lives, family, dogs, and work, so we do so appreciate your doing this! After the pups are 3 1/2 to 4 years old we will still always LOVE to hear about them and/or see them! but just not quite so essential as at least yearly during their first 4 years. So we will not ask you for pics after the pups are 4 years old (unless you would like to still send pictures!) :-) So we really wont bug u forever! :-)  But you may always call me whenever you would like!! ~

Thank you all again!  Sandy 
BUT.... Puppy Owners please still send pics e-mail and as soon as I do see them I will call or write u back! Thank u!!! Please put on the pictures or e-mail the Puppy's name, mom & dad (litter) and your phone number; also age in  the picture (and weight  & height at the shoulders - if you have that info) Thank  u sooo much!  :-)))
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Starting Your GSD Out Right!
Barb in CT's  2(!) sable boy pups from me at 4.5 months old, Barb's Stormy and Thunder. (not my own stormy & thunder)
What a fabulous pic! lol!  :-)
I will be making another web site soon as my original is getting kind of out of control! lol! 
I will put pics of my new girls on it as well as litters of past puppers sent to me by Puppy families that I have not been able to get up yet due to lack space! Usually I try to get the clients pups pictures up on the site when the pups are about 1 year old, then 2 and 3-4 years old. I will link new site with my original site as well.
NOTICEStarting in 2009 I will probably be having only 1 litter a year.    
 I have given my heart and soul to my pupper dogs here. Also just about every minute of my awake life. Every one who knows me knows that I usually put my dogs first-even before myself! Just about every minute of my day is spent doing something with, to, for, or because of, my dogs. I will be 'smalling' things down here in order to spend more time just enjoying my own dogs and puppiesmy family & friends and traveling w/my dogs . And trying to eat, sleep, etc, like a normal person rather than going with out for years.  I have met many wonderful people who care deeply for their pets. At this point I will probably not stop breeding all together as I dont want to loose my very special lines that I have here - that are sooo very precious to me.
Most  breeders know and agree that if one has much over 7 dogs, they cant possibly all be given enough attention that our dogs do soooo deserve(Time spent with them - which is love, is what they desire most!)- not time while we are working too- or when we can fit in a bit of time! Most breeders start out small and do have time in the begining for many outings with - and just to enjoy, their dogs. Because some of us love our dogs sooo much, it is very hard for us to let them go and over the years we aquire more plus then some of us keep our retired dogs too. For each new dog that comes - there is less time for all the others. Some just get more dogs solely for monetary reasons. I have told many of my customers that I truely believe I should not even be a breeder as I do struggle too hard letting each my pups go! Maybe physical needs like food, water, shelter, grooming, elimination, etc. can be taken care of. Put that with the vets, business, phone calls, and computer, etc. and that does not leave too much time for us just ' to be'  with our dogs- to just spend time with them enjoying them & individual special time as well. 

My dogs are with me every minute of the day and night but so much the time IS spent working. I now desire to get back to being like my puppy clients! I want very much to be able to get back to where most of my time is spent enjoying my dogs and small amount of time spent 'dog' working! Everyone who knows me or who has gotten a pup from me knows I have bred for my own personal satisfaction and emotional rewards -  selling of puppies was to care for the dogs that I wanted to keep here for myself, to never loose my lines, and to be able to be here to care for them. This venture never turned out to be very monetarily successful. But my heart soars with pride from the puppies that came from my pupper dogs as well as from the families I have been able to make sooo happy. I have plans now to keep doing this for myself, so I dont  loose my 'so precious to me' lines, but on a smaller scale.  Thank You Wonderful Families! 
03/12/09 I can recieve emails BUT I can not SEND out any email so please put your phone # in the subject line in any correspondence.  Best response is to call me 
304 384 8884. When calling if the call is urgent please let me know. Thank you! S.
MISSING: Trying to locate Cristy Cambell who was in VA. and Clint Dunlop who was in WV who did not ever pay me for dogs they recieved from me. If you have any info please let me know as I would like to contact them to see how my dogs are & what they would like to do. You can call me with out caller ID showing your number by dialing * 67 first. Thank u soo much!